Monday, June 28, 2010

Shoes that Pop-py!

Spotted this lovely girl at a Starbucks in Kuwait. Her shoes are LOVELY and though it may be hard to pull of such a bright color note what is happening here. Rather then simply pairing with a solid, say BLACK she has paired it with such a lovely little flowery top with a complimentary color palatte. Seemingly simple, yet so seamlessly cohesive. We also assumed that this little fashionista-cum*-artist spend a crap load on her outfit. AHA! Proof positive of the power of high street purchases paired with a designer bag and a great smile.
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
Shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: NEW LOOK (must buy NOW, great heel not too high and super comfy looking)
Blazer: Topshop

* teehee...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


We love us some Do-it yourself. This girl just BLEW our mind's away. We spotted her at our bro's graduation on the USC campus. Seeing as USC charges roughly around an arm and your grandma's leg as admission, kid's there get creative with their fashion forwardness. This girl MADE this dress, like from scratch, didn't take it to a tailor. Just STRAIGHT UP MADE IT. The print is fantastic, obviously... but so is the actual silhouette, super flattering.
Have a Do it yourself-er you absolutely love? Send us a pic!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whats cuter then one Japanese person?

Two Japanese people IN LURVE! Spotted these cuties at the Getty Museum in L.A. So adorable. What is it about these people? As a friend said the other day, they look like they open up their closets and just fearlessly start attaching nonsensical items of clothing to their bodies. Just looks soo KAWAI DESU NE (cute does it not?). Like life, fashion requires a certain assessment of one's own self confidence.
On Girl:
Shirt: Dior
Everything else: Japan
On boy:
Shirts: H.M
Everything else : Japan

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Highstreetq8 at Pecha Kucha!

Highstreetq8 gave a speech at pechakucha. We loved the experience and got some great feedback. Our speaker also spoke as though she was on copious amounts of meth-amphetamines, but fear not, she is clean. She was just born with an unnaturally large amount of adrenaline and passion for all things fashion. Enjoy! We would love your positive feedback!

Can we have a short day in kuwait?

The strange thing is, we rarely see girls in Kuwait wearing shorts. However, we do see girls wearing booty hugging leggings with a butt-grazing tshirt. We also see skin tight jeans, short dresses, short skirts etc. But something about a very casual mid-thigh jeans short with a t-shirt (ideal summer weather clothing) is something we rarely feel comfortable wearing. May someone please explain this to us? These sort of fashion versus social discrepancies exist all the time, and we do not understand.

Top and Blazer: HM
Shoes and Ring: New Look

Dubai hottie

So running around the globe, loads of things came to our attention. (how much we've missed you all was def in the forefront NATURALLY). But we played games like, how many people can we count on the street wearing stripe-y ANYTHING with boyfriend jeans? Or, why in the world with the freedom to wear anything you want (which we do not enjoy in Kuwait) would you be wearing something so dismally boring? We also realized that as far as ethnicity's go, we almost always stopped Londonites, Parisians and Asians.
Like this lovely Parisian lady, who for the most part looks like she is wearing a pretty regular outfit, but we love her gingham shoes (which she RE-worked, switching the straps around to make for a more comfortable wear), he simple dress and lovely vintage necklace.
Dress: Vintage Store Paris
Belt: Copenhagen
Necklace: Bricklane Flea Market
Bag: MOMA museum bag.
Shoes: Morgan

We are sorry and we shall never leave you again.

Dear all.
We apologise for our inexcusably long absence. But we are back with pictures from Dubai to LA and Kuwait. We've been trolloping around the globe trying to figure out a way to make highstreetq8 better, shopping and attending graduations and weddings. Our minds been a frenzy and we missed you so. We hope you forgive us and log on for pics and your street fashion fix for the day.