Da Rules

Wake up one morning and just feel like "Damn I look good, wish I run into my ex!" and you dont and then you think "gee what a waste of a hottie day". FEAR NO MORE! Send us your pics (neck down of course!) and we will post them on our blog! Be a dear, and write us a little about the story of your outfit,where and when you bought the individual pieces. Take pics of the detailing you love, and try to highlight items you put together without the help of a fashion magazine or a huge price tag.

Here are ways you can send us your pics:

1. Email them to highstreetq8@gmail.com

2. If you know me personally you can join the BBM group or BB me your pics.

Here are some rules to keep in mind

1. Due to the talky talky's of our generation and culture, we want to stay focused on your outfit rather then you. This way everyone can post and not feel "watched". PLEASE take all pics neck down, even if you dont mind having your face on the web.

2. Lots of light please! You can take pics on almost any modern phone camera, but light is super important, take a few shots, send us a few options. We will pick the best!

3. Remember the detail shots, love the custom beading on your rando high street vest? Shoot it up close!

4. Dont forget a little blurb about where you bought your outfits!

Thank you!

Thank you!