Monday, December 13, 2010


Ok so the usual fashion banter will follow, but for a moment can ANYONE ANYWHERE tell us when we are going to be able to rock fur lined boots, country tweed blazers and ethnic-inspired chunky knits? ITS LIKE a FREAKIN 100 DEGREES OUT IN DECEMBER!
>sigh< Can we just turn up the AC everywhere and act like it's winter time...? The other day we spotted the coolest mango coat, you know the one we talking about the two tone camel coat? It's beautiful, but at almost 60 KWD (200bucks) we were like um whats the POINT?! We are going to wear it what, TWICE this winter? Someone promise us it will get cold so we can click the buy now tab.

In other news we can still wear TSHIRTS! And tshirts from Closet Candy! WOOHOO! We will be posting up some information about the fact that Closet Candy is in search for an Intern! If you dont know what Closet Candy is, or who the CEO of Closet Candy is then get edjamacated, trick. It's an awesome store, with gargantuan staying power that promises it's intern a part time job (paid) that will be a step into the fashion world assisting in everything from styling, buying to blogging!! And you get to work with one of highstreetq8's fav people @danakay_ so there. ( I mean who ELSE quotes Khalil Gibran on fashion spread layouts?)
email: if your interested!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twitter Love, or how to not live up to your twitter nickname.

As the world get's smaller and smaller, our connections with people become easier to make. The fact that almost 8 months ago we didnt know half the people we know now through blogging & tweeting makes us go "huh...interesting".

Love this beautiful twitter buddy's pics from @clearmess, I've never met her, never seen her in my life but I like sorting through the pieces of random things I do know through her tweets & style pics and constructing what I think this girl's story is like.

Her pieces are basic, yet put together in a unique, cosmopolitan and very edgy sort of way. Just goes to show you, that a striped shirt can always be MORE then just a striped shirt, and though cool people wear "I heart NY" shirts, cooler people know that a "NY HEARTS ME" garment says it much better!

  striped shirt from mango
 skirt from h&m.
suede booties - random boutique in paris
  Pants - unknown.
"NY HEARTS ME"t-shirt - New York
Eyeglasses:Matte raybans.
Blazer River Island.
Boots: Patent black Doc Martens
Ring: YSL Arty Dots
 Bag: Chanel Quilted Classic

Monday, December 6, 2010

Turbans & More

Hands down our favorite two hair accessory trends for this winter are turbans and bowler hats. This was a follower send in from a beautiful girl who lives in London. She works at a super casual office and finds that wrapping her mother's vintage green silk scarf around her head ala Lawrence seriously ups her coolness factor all the while banishing bad hair days to seasons far away which are devoid of hair accessories!

We absolutely looove this and are going to be raiding our mother's collection of Hermes scarves (you remember when they use to sell Hermes scarves on airplanes in the 90's? hehe thankfully fathers always leave gift buying to the last minute so we are sure your mother has a stack hidden somewhere also!)

  Belt: Versace 
Necklace bvulgari 
 Dress: Zara it was onsale! She cant believe no one bought it.
Tank top and Lace Top:  TOPSHOP <3 
 Sweats: Zara london
shoes: found  in a local store in london!
Black dress - Topshop London
 Studded Vest - Forever 21
necklace: Topshop 
 Belt: Escada vintage belongs to mama ,
Shoes - Loubutin
bag - Moschino

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Dishdasha TIME!

Nothing says winter time like a beautifully tailored winter dishdaaaaasha! It's like the final word on whether winter is here yet or not, you spot it and you suddenly feel colder, you remember snuggling up in garden tents with chestnuts roasting on the charcoal , not fainting everytime you get into your car (EVEN AT NOOON!) and in general just a fun time around these parts!

Winter we welcome thee!

 p.s to my boy readers, is it true that men shouldnt wear the winter dishdasha until they see the Emir doing it? Kind of like a no white shoes after labour day rule for westerners?

Awesome tailoring on this dishdasha Mr.Man we love the cuffs and the cufflinks!

Cufflinks: Debenhams
Watch: Tag
Dishdasha: Blockat Family Tailor.