Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hijab in the City

A fashionable Muhajaba* working in london proves that you can be a devout Muslim and a fashionista at the same time! A few months ago, we blogged about a an amazing friend of ours who happens to be both religious and a huge George Michal fan, which resulted in the coolest prayer thoub (moo moo-esque dress with attached head cover used whilst praying) we have EVER SEEN. Again, here is a lovely reader who has taken wearing the Hijab (traditional head scarf) as a very serious and spiritual step in her life, but has not let it rob her of the simple pleasure of expressing herself through fashion! As a PR & CSR specialist working in London, this Saudi woman makes us so proud, in so many ways! She get's compliments from people on the street that ask her what she's wearing! Back of peeps on the street, this spiritual fashion guru is OURS! :)

Jacket: Christian Lacroix
Shirt: Zara
Vest: Topshop
Watch: Versace Vintage
Pants: River Island

Jacket: Random Store In Kuwait
Glasses: Zara
Shirt: Topshop

Jacket: Jonathan Saunders
Belt: Escada Vintage
Necklace: Topshop
Watch: Versace
Ring: Topshop

Accessories: Alexander McQueen

* Top pictures:
Bag: Moschino
Jacket and Belt: City Plaza
Vest and Romper: TopShop
Necklace: TopShop
**Woman who uses Hijab, or the religious head cover.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saudi Street Style

Oh we love us some reader submissions! This SMOKING hot Saudi Fashionista sent us some recent pics of her personal style. Yes ladies and gents, I said Saudi! For our non-arab readers...Saudi women are SUPER styling, always have been always will be.

Dress : French Connection
Bib Necklace : Zara
Shoes : Topshop

Bodysuit: Topshop (strangely enough I have the same top from Forever 21!)
Booties : Zara
Clutch : Accessorise
Necklace : Mango
Rings: Vintage ( stolen from her gran by her mom, stolen again by her from her mom! hehe)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Brighten up your Work Day

J'ai un Fashion Work Crush. There a few girls at my office, that really REALLY bring it when they get dressed in the morning. Here is a great little casual work outfit spotted on an adorable chica, firstly the best part of her outfit (her multi colored scarf tied in a bow around her pixie haircut) is not visible but really completes the look. SHOE OBSESSION. Such a comfy and cool work option (unlike my 5 inch heels...why did the seem like such a good idea in the morning?).
She also did a little do-it yourself job on her tshirt, and cut a little of the end because it was too long. Thanks for brightening up our day fashionista in head to toe high street nonetheless!
Skirt: River Island
Shoes: Office (not bought in Kuwait though...sigh...London!)
Necklaces: COS

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ode to theWeekend

Weekend Street Style
Aww Weekend, the way you keep us waiting all week and when you finally get here you flutter your little free bird wings twice and poof away leaving us dazed trying to find a way out of Sunday traffic. Your cute, weekend...super cute, but not as cute as these two ADORABLE girls we spotted in front of Vision Express at the Avenues just you know looking GORGEOUS!

A note about acceptable clothing in Kuwait, these two dresses are perfect PERFECT for almost any daytime outing, because they are knee length-ish, loose and not sleevless. Yes I know, we all say we don't CARE , and we can wear whatever we want...but really sometimes you can do without the extra haressment and want throw on a sensible yet cute dress like these two ladies:
Dress: Coco Ribbon
Necklace: Massimo Dutti
Shoes: Zara (amazing shoes)
P.S I think light pink and grey are such an amazing color combo.
Dress: Uterque (we love this brand!)
Shoes: Chanel

Thursday, September 23, 2010

We almost NEVA-EVA

We almost neva-eva post what we are wearing...but we really love our casual Thursday's look...we also love clogs, shirts with Karl Lagerfeld on them, and blazers that make us look thinner then we are. Also...we love two or three finger rings, because they make typing near impossible...hence providing us with an extra "work day" challange. But we figured...since so many of you put yourselves out there for us...we shall share as well! Hope you love it as much as we love you!

Shirt: Rando L.A purchase
Jeans: All Saints
Ring: LA boutique
Snake buckle belt: Mango
Studded Clogs: Repo
Blazer: Massimo Dutti
Bag: Marc By Marc Jacobs

The Tshirt, Rocking Necklace, Awesome Shoes Post!

Try this simple formula for sprucing up any look, daytime or party time:

Tshirt + Statement Piece Necklace + Kickass heels + Any old Jeans = AMAZING NESS.

Hottie # 1: The "I am just grabbing a quick coffee with friends and happen to look amazing" look.
This hottie was out spotted grabbing a coffee donning an awesome random purchase necklace, Topshop Tshirt and designer bag (although Alviero Martini always reminds me of old Italian women, she did a really good job updating the look...oh and besides if you haven't gotten the memo...old lady chic is back...polka dots and all).

Unfortunately, although her shoes are AMAZING we couldn't capture there awesomeness on our bb camera (damn it!) but we are obsessed with Kurt Geiger. And his KG by Kurt Geiger line provide relatively affordable quality shoes that are always on trend or a beat before the trend...! They have a store in Avenues we believe, that may stock KG shoes as well. (Pssst click HERE for highstreetq8's personal favorite from this collection for fall... "bluuuue velvet...bluer then velvet were her eyes" rocking work heels!)

Hottie #2: Ze Party Look.

Our second hotties necklace comes from an awesome accessories designer called Sophie 203, click here to read all about her via our hottie's blog. She rocked this look with awesome heels, at a party! And although the shoesies were designer GALORE she picked them up at the Al-Othman Outlet store...WOOHOOO!
Love her nailpolish color as well, was such a hit this summer!
Hottie #1:

Shirt: Topshop
Necklace: Rando purchase
Bag: Alviero Martini
Shoes: KG by Kurt Geiger

Hottie #2:

Shirt: Topshop
Necklace: Sophie 203
Shoes: Courtney Crawford from Al-Othman Outlet Store.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

London Vintage

This is one of our reader's submissions! Great little vintage shoes and bag with no evident branding whatsoever...bought from an Urban Outfitters in Kensington.

We have a pair of red booties and we always are afraid that we run the risk looking like Madonna/Cyndi Lauper in them. But REALLY, when you slip on a pair of flat red shoes, especially if they are booties you actually feel like a rock star version of Dorothy so pfffft on everyone else.

SIGH We wish we had put on our red booties this morning so we could click our heels thrice and be transported from this florescent-ly lit pit of doom into an Urban Outfitters somewhere....preferably a warm somewhere with a proper lighting scheme.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"We hear the secrets that you keep"

Highstreetq8 got our first confession from a hottie potatie fan:

"So I have a confession to make, did you know that I am a collector of 70's and 80's rock tour vintage t-shirts. Ya like the way guys in Kuwait collect sport's cars"

To all our die hard rock fans, or just our lady fans looking out for a guy with a passion for scourging portobello market on rainy afternoons in search for his latest vintage finds we introduce ROCKIN HOTTIE

AAAAAh the quintessential 80's pose! Highstreetq8 liked to practice this in our doorway with our poofy skirt and scrunchie'd hair when we were um (dont age yourself, dont age yourself...ack your going to age your self) 9.

You give muscle shirts a good name rockin hottie.

Lame highstreetq8 quip: This shirt wins by a LANDSLIDE.

This is not the year we were born, because we are NOT 27....and even if we were SO WHAT? True we don't really have a great career, or a husband or tonnes of cash lying around...but we have you all right?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eid Eid Eid!

AAAAH Eid. Lalalalala EID (for all our non-muslim readers, Eid Al Fi6ir comes after the one long month of Ramadhan...). If we were to be part of a film montage of the first day of Eid it would look something like this: Our eyes popping open to greet glorious sunshine and a nice uptempo Clap Your Hands Say Yeah song, as a parade of starbucks employees pipe hot coffee down our throats and we tra la la out of bed to open our shining gleaming brunch wear closet (dont judge us, YES we have a brunch wear closet...), as we tear off tags from our new Eid purchases, slip on some amazing shoes, shove our dara3at moomoo's that have enabled us to gain atleast 5 kilos without realizing down to the depths of our fat closet (unfortunetly...yes we have one of those too) as we dance around to the wafting smell of waffles and pancakes and then and then...
the record screeches to a halt as we realize we are old , and now must give some cousin-y brats eidiya money.

No comment...really:

We want this man's shoe collection...and closet actually!
Matthem Williamson Dress Detail...
Vintage Ostrich Skin Shoes, apparently an heirloom peice from this dishdasha sporting hottie!

YSL >sigh< If there is anything as sexy and as practical as a patent leather black heel, let us know.

Love you all you fab fab fab followers you!

Monday, September 6, 2010

We Love our Readers

AWWW we got the cutest email from a highstreetq8 hottie awhile back...
here's what she said
Definitely a "way hathi shinu LABSA!" day...After class I went shopping to waste time until my next class. I found this amaaazing dress at Zara on sale. I went crazy and just had to,had to get it I was forced to wear it with converse shoes. Yes, that's how much I fell in love with this dress. I just HAD TO wear it right away !Sorry for the bad quality pics.
AWWW we looove you highstreetq8 hottie...and we think you look so cute with your little converse shoesies and zara dress!
Keep em coming peeps!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best thing about working?

Ok so I started working.
In like a corporation.
Allow me to cry...
Ok I am done. After succesfully freaking everyone around my 4by4foot cubicle hell.
So there are few cool things about this job:
1. a 30% discount at topshop and H&M and starbucks and pinkberry...(WOOHOO!)
2. The ability to wear casual chic workwear such as this, and the money leftover from the 30% discount will allow me to buy stuff from cute little boutiques such as The Yard in Kuwait1
Scarf: American retro
Top: Joseph

Pants with vintage gold buttons: The Yard (
Bracelets and ring: The Yard (

-more on our cubicle hell later, for now boss is giving me dirty looks.