Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best thing about working?

Ok so I started working.
In like a corporation.
Allow me to cry...
Ok I am done. After succesfully freaking everyone around my 4by4foot cubicle hell.
So there are few cool things about this job:
1. a 30% discount at topshop and H&M and starbucks and pinkberry...(WOOHOO!)
2. The ability to wear casual chic workwear such as this, and the money leftover from the 30% discount will allow me to buy stuff from cute little boutiques such as The Yard in Kuwait1
Scarf: American retro
Top: Joseph

Pants with vintage gold buttons: The Yard (
Bracelets and ring: The Yard (

-more on our cubicle hell later, for now boss is giving me dirty looks.


  1. omg, sha5bareee!
    you've beeen missed alot !

  2. Dearest Zabooo6a,

    AWW we missed you too...we thought we were going to sell our soul to the corporate devil but we are here...and back full force after ramadhan.
    have a great hair day!

  3. i missed your quirky posts
    dont say anythiing negative about your job though
    it can come back to bight you in the arse
    and youre arse is waaay too cute!

  4. ooooo anon! Highstreetq8 loooves it when we get called cute...
    we mean when our butt gets called cute.

    :) :) : )

  5. congrats
    so you are working in Al-Shaye' ha? :)