Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Tshirt, Rocking Necklace, Awesome Shoes Post!

Try this simple formula for sprucing up any look, daytime or party time:

Tshirt + Statement Piece Necklace + Kickass heels + Any old Jeans = AMAZING NESS.

Hottie # 1: The "I am just grabbing a quick coffee with friends and happen to look amazing" look.
This hottie was out spotted grabbing a coffee donning an awesome random purchase necklace, Topshop Tshirt and designer bag (although Alviero Martini always reminds me of old Italian women, she did a really good job updating the look...oh and besides if you haven't gotten the memo...old lady chic is back...polka dots and all).

Unfortunately, although her shoes are AMAZING we couldn't capture there awesomeness on our bb camera (damn it!) but we are obsessed with Kurt Geiger. And his KG by Kurt Geiger line provide relatively affordable quality shoes that are always on trend or a beat before the trend...! They have a store in Avenues we believe, that may stock KG shoes as well. (Pssst click HERE for highstreetq8's personal favorite from this collection for fall... "bluuuue velvet...bluer then velvet were her eyes" rocking work heels!)

Hottie #2: Ze Party Look.

Our second hotties necklace comes from an awesome accessories designer called Sophie 203, click here to read all about her via our hottie's blog. She rocked this look with awesome heels, at a party! And although the shoesies were designer GALORE she picked them up at the Al-Othman Outlet store...WOOHOOO!
Love her nailpolish color as well, was such a hit this summer!
Hottie #1:

Shirt: Topshop
Necklace: Rando purchase
Bag: Alviero Martini
Shoes: KG by Kurt Geiger

Hottie #2:

Shirt: Topshop
Necklace: Sophie 203
Shoes: Courtney Crawford from Al-Othman Outlet Store.

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