Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear ALL!

We apologise for the profusely long absence! Key memebers of highstreetq8 are currently in LA, we are going to take pictures of lovely fashionistas from a Kuwaiti presepective and working on our website! Throughout we will have highstreetq8 teams snapping up pics of you lovely ladies and gentlemen in Kuwait as well. We will be back to posting on a daily basis withing 48 hours. Thank you kindly for your patience.
And we miss you...


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vintage Oum Kalthoum

When we approached this lovely lady about her outfit she said, "Something borrowed, something blue, something old and this bag is new!" CUTIES!
Absolutely perfect outfit for the event (Pechakucha), very simple and yet very personal. We love how quirky her bag is against the sort of preppy simplicity of her outfit. Unfortunately she was not able to recall brand names, and we really didnt want to look down her pants for the tag. Yet almost everything she has on is either vintage or 10-15 years old. We think it is so admirable and cool when one can shop for key pieces that still look fresh and fashionable a decade after one buys them. This is the benefit of cultivating personal style, and a quality only the BEST of shoppers have.
Oh and need we talk about the bag?
YES WE DO. We are in BAG ENVY CENTRAL! Green haired Oum ours. Forever.
Bag: Sara's Bags (amazing lebanese brand for those of you who are internationals check her stuff out!)
Belt: Salvador Ferragamo

Not highstreet BUT

Ok so last time we posted a picture that SO wasnt high street, and we are doing it again. This outfit is just so brazenly beautiful. Lemme have these awesome 300 looking butt kicking sandals and they sit in your closet and the OBVIOUS choice would be to pair them with something just as cool and rough. But for this girl to say, "No ACTUALLY I am going to pair them with this unbelievably simple and innocent looking white dress", WELL that my friends is just personal style to the MAXIMUM! Thank you Little Hani for finding her! MWA.
Dress: See by Chloe
Shoes: Boutique in Turkey
Bag: Chanel....duhzers.
Picture provided by Little Hani

Thursday, May 6, 2010

International Colors Of J

Spotted this beautiful lady at Pechakucha yesterday! What an insanely beautiful meeting it was, she is a gorgeous young french (and globetrotting) designer working for a local brand in Kuwait. Everything from her red lipstick, to her coiffed blunt bangs, to her vintage lunch box screamed "HIGHSTREETq8 ME NOW" (or at least it did in my head...a lot of screaming goes on in there).
All her purchases are completely no name brands bought from either Thailand (dress + jacket) to her bag which she clutched at lovingly and sighed "Antwerp" when asked of it's origins. In a sea of beautifully dressed fashionistas this is one of the girls who really stood out for us.
Stay tuned for more AMAZING highstreetq8 photo shoot time snaps from last night...including a stylin' 8 year old, an oum Kalthoum clutch and a boy with monkey on his shirt.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prints and Polka Dots!!!

Lady B girl , YOU ON A ROLL THIS WEEK GURL! Honestly though...really you make us feel like we are back in Japan with this outfit, we want to take you, put you in our closet and only make you come out when we need to feel " happy-lucky-goodtime-fashion-DESU!" (enter animation image of Lady B with twinkly eyes and a peace sign, head tilted to the side of course).
So don't be scared people, whenever you are like "I really want to mix prints, but I just DONT KNOW " channel your inner Japanese self. God knows we all have a little Japanese in us from watching endless hours of dubbed anime (ohhh we MISS Captain Majd, Kabamaro, Flouna and Tuta al Sagheera).
Top: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Socks: Thefted from B's Brother.


So we are presenting at Pechakucha...we needed to find a cool outfit, and though we normally hit high street proper for almost all of our non-wedding related functions, we figured why not check out one of the kuwaiti boutiques stocking up on awesome brands! Enter N Boutique, so cute and adorable. Let us lay it on you...
H Williams bird cage inspired black patent leather heels are so f'ing hot and comfortable we almost HONESTLY ran away with them.
Other than that, their stuff is light airy, and not to hard on the wallet. Her boutique houses very simple silhouettes with awesome details and the greatest fabrics. The store owner is an absolute DOLL by the way and was so very helpful and passionate about what she is doing with her store.
Navy Blue Dress: Rachel Comey
Wtshirt dress and colorful print dress: Dress Gallery
Shoes: H Williams. (we can't decide between black or gold...suggestions?)
P.S if you want to check out N Boutique here is there number (+965) 9931-7658 or 9902-9885.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pencil Skirt Chic

A beautiful simple combination that can take you from office to gathering or a night out so easily. Attention in the details always! The amazing folds in the skirt (as pointed out by Lady B) and the intricacies of the scarf, mixed with the feisty-ness of the shoe creates a very understated sexiness. We love how Lady B always roughens up her look, in this case via a white wife beater! Domo arrigatto Lady B!!!
Skirt: Todd Lynn
Shirt: American Apparel
Scarf: Vintage Moschino (circa 90's)
Shoes: Louboutins, NATURALLY.

Highstreetq8 Does Pechakucha!

Dear All,

Thank you so much for all your support and love since the start of Highstreetq8 these last two months! We are very proud of what we are doing, as we are about our mission statement. We are not here to dictate fashion, or trends although we may comment on them and voice our personal preferences. Our blog is about people, and self expression, the freedom of wearing three quarter pants, and the genuine personality in mixing a grey tshirt with a brocade skirt. We love everyone's personal style as long as it is honest and real and a extension of who they are as a person.
We are trying to start a revolution here, and we know this may seem a bit dramatic considering we take pictures of nothing more then fabric all day. But we believe it is a first step in bettering the society we live in, opening up our minds to things that are new and different, and hence beautiful. We want to fill your day with beauty and inspiration, even if does not fit in with what you may or may not deem "fashionable". Please come in and see us talk at Pechakucha Kuwait #5 tomorrow! We will be dressed up in lovely clothes from a new Kuwaiti boutique called N BOUTIQUE. We will also be posting pictures up later today of our outfit to get some feedback because we are MUCHO nervous about presenting on Self expression via street style and looking terrib-lay.
Thank you again for your love, positivity, honesty and opinions.!/event.php?eid=115942141768734&ref=ts


Kuwaiti Bags that will BLOW your mind!

Three Glorious Kuwaiti Architects have embarked on an excellent venture, called Experiment One (with the one written in arabic). Lovely architectural masterpieces, full of elegance, structure and bold design, using vintage material, scrap metal and custom laser cut leather. Our friend Sir N informed us about them, then we received these lovely pics in the mail via Little Hani. Such beautiful items and if all that highstreetq8 loves and appreciates of Kuwaiti style could be personified in a bag it would look these masterpieces!
Thank you all for the heads up and please check out their stuff on their facebook page:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Party Hardy!

We spotted this Little Hani hottie creation at a recent Karaoke night thrown by a friend (nothing says self expression like belting out Queen in Marni shoes methinks).
We think this outfit is perfecto, love her jewelry and are obsessed with the shoes...we think it is a very bold pairing with the pants...and as you all know, we really appreciate getting shown different ways to do things! Good job lovely lady!
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Marni
Key Ring: Closet Candy
Ring: Vintage
Belt: Stolen from her dad (loooooooveeee, wow...your dad must have a pretty trim bod girl)


Rompers or jumpsuits have shown an immense staying power...and have become an ordinary staple in ladies wardrobes. Highstreetq8 thinks it looks awesome on this girl! Strangely enough this shot was taken by a guy friend of ours...dont you just love how fashion forward our men are?
Romper: Vintage
Belt: YSL Ostrich Belt
Bangles: India
Shoes: Louboutin

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Casual

This look just SCREAMS casual cool for men. A very well tailored shirt, paired with a casual linen pant is just lovely, light and a perfect combo that beats the tshirt and jeans trap most men fall into. Match it with a pair of butt-kickingly cool Naydeyas (for our international readers, these are traditional hand-made slippers that have enjoyed a re-surfacing into our local fashion vernacular a few years back and are still going strong!) and you are a match made in brunch heaven!
Shirt: Henri Lloyd
Pants: Topman
Shoes: Naydeyas from Mubarikiya (our favorite local souq/open air market)

Mr. Awesome

Hello all, hope you had a great weekend. We sure did. We scouted hot fashionable boys all weekend, and are bringing you the creme de la creme! Enter Mr.Awesome, we spotted him walking down the Palms strip, with a cool visor and a camera slung around his shoulders...we were sort of hyperventilating and our nerves were all a flutter when we approached him. Took these shots of him at Gaucho Grill whilst he was conducting a meeting, which makes Mr.Awesome that much more awesome! This is personal style personified people! It may not be for you, but his personality really shone through via the diversity of the pieces and the stories of where he got them. You made our highstreetq8 day, boy!
Tshirt: A freebie from a convention in Alabama
Jeans: DKNY
Socks: Bought in Lithuania
Belt: Camden Market
Belt Buckle: Custom made by Mr.Awesome
Shoes: Ergonomic Rockports