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The Low Down

Highstreet Q8 is proud of you. Yes all of you, and we want to celebrate you. Not the You's that pull out looks from Vogue and copy paste it into your wardrobe. Nope. We want the You's who have proudly cultivated their own styles, fearlessly marching through the whispers of : "way hathi shinu LABSA!" which yo heaaad held high! The Yous who are 9 months preggers and still manage to look cooler then me! The You's who have scowered cheapo stores all over the world for your "rando high street purchase". The You's who have buddies at Blockat, and have your khaya6 on your facebook. Send HighStreetQ8 your pics, you lovely fashion breathern (for da rules). Wherever you are, we will find you. We will walk up to you, as you sit sipping your skim lattes at PandT with a ridiculously fabulous fur vest or navigating the Avenue masses with the teetering of your fab but not so comfy shoes,and we will ask " Highstreet photo shoot time?". and we hope you say yes.