Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nothing's Ever Just Black & White

So we spotted this rockin' fashionista at a casual weekday dinner. This girl is the epitome of personal style.
We'll start from the top to demonstrate:T-shirt is by Son of John, super cool design duo from Brooklyn that are known for their embellished t-shirts and their crossover grunge glam style.
Secondly, the 80's trend that's back with a vengeance: black ripped jeans . And just in case you're still not convinced: hot cut-out patent oxfords with lace socks!
I wish you could see what tops this whole look off.. flaming RED hair! Why oh why are redheads always so cool?

Jeans: Jet by John Eshaya
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Socks: Urban Outfitters

P.S. If we sound different, its cause we are. The highstreeter that normally writes these is out of town...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Staying Cool

AWWW we love this gorgeous little maxi dress from Closet Candy! Worn by resident fashionista banker on her day off! Belt ? Stolen from her brother! CUTIEEES! Recently we asked on our Facebook Page (if your not a fan please join!) about what your go-to outfits are for beating the summer heat! This one is perfect, especially with a cardigan since it is almost always inevitably freezing in the A.C!

Dress and Cardigan: Closet Candy

Belt: Stolen from Brother

Polka Dot Obsession

Polka dots make us super happy. Always have and always will. Thankfully they are back in fashion so we don't look silly wearing this iconic print made super famous by flamenco dancers and Carolina Herrera alike. Personally we associate them with little bikini's, Betty Boop and a subtle statement print that is coy yet alluring. P.s Betty Boop is sort of our childhood hero.

Unfortunetly we didnt get enough time to get the details of this shirt, but polka dot prints are all over the place now from H&M to Topshop!

Nail polish color : Essie

Not So Highstreet Shoesies

Fearless-ness knows no boundaries. At a chic little get together this weekend I spotted these black Jeffrey Campbells (p.s we have a similar pair in perforated grey suede) and sexy Sergio Rossi's. P.S black shoes worn by a guy. Yes we know we have some insanely fashionable friends.

Black shoes : Jeffery Campbell

Heels: Sergio Rossi

Ethnic LURVE!

Oh LOVE! LOOOVE! It was so hot and stinky when we saw this little lady! And yet she made our day! We wish you could have seen her awesome little hair band but alas...

Love how fearless she is with mixing her Paul and Joe light blue denim shirt (oh so hot right now, all things denim!) with a lovely ethnic-y skirt from Urban Outfitters.

Thank you lovely lady for being such a sport in the humidity!

Shirt: Paul and Joe

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Random New York Purchase

Bracelet: Topshop (she

Highstreet Shoesies!

Awesome Topshop shoes! Excellent for work and we are SO in lurve with this color at the moment!

Gorgeous loafers purchased at a boutique in Spain!

Thanks H!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vintage Bottega.

We love this boy's outfit. Really, the stripes, the belt, the pop of the blue laces...just a really cohesive yet laid back outfit. Well thought out, although it has the coolness of the "I just threw this all on" look.
Maybe he did just wake up that evening after a nap and attached things to his body...sometimes you end up looking so much cooler when you don't think about it...
Shorts: All Saints (when are you coming to Kuwait WHEN?)
Shirt: H&M (very high quality shirt for H&M, couldn't believe it)
Shoes: Converse
Belt: Vintage Bottega (sigh)

Weekend is upon us!

I know we dont post enough of about you boys. It's because sometimes your idea of making a fashion statement revolves around donning a t shirt declaring a pervie statement on it (you've all seen them "I am big in Tokyo" or "Liqueur in the front, poker in the rear"). But here are some boys spotted at a get together who are doing pretty well for themselves, style wise. I love this just stepped of my yacht look, and with high street prices he may very well be able to afford yacht life from all his savings! Looking good boy!
Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Pants: American Apparel
Shoes: Carshoe (not sure if this is Carshoe for Prada, does anyone know?)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SPOTTED: Vintage Leopard Print Purses!

From Lady B (first image) to Random Cutie in LA (spotted in Downtown LA) we've been spotting loads of vintage leopard print bags (almost always suede or suede-esque)! Even our sister has snatched one from our mother's closet. We guarantee if you go rummaging around your mama's wardrobe you may find such a gem, I feel as though they were as much a staple in the 80's as leggings are today (oh wait and in the 80's). Speaking of which...we want Lady B's pants (alas from Hong Kong).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Morning Pick Me UP!

IF you woke up early this fine Tuesday morning, and helped yourself to a healthy dosage of Highstreetq8 (good boys and girls) then this is your reward! A perfect gem of an outfit fit for you corporate 9-to-5ers (we envy you your bank accounts, yet not so much the waking up at 7 am thing).
This the kind of outfit that would look as elegant now, as it would 10 years from now. Just timeless and classy. Her nude/camel palette made us feel cool (as in temperature), while the loveliness of a high end bag and scarf made us feel cooler (as in cool by association for snapping her pics).
p.s this lovely, respectable, well versed, high profile banker asked us to point your attention to the shoe and claimed "LET THEM NOTE THE SUFFICENT TOE CLEAVAGE!"
.... le sigh. We love our highstreet interactions almost as much as we hope you love reading about them.
Off to bed... say good morning to the corporate world for us....and GET US A JOB!
Pants: L'Altra Moda
Trench + Shirt: Zara
Bag : Anya Hindmarch
Scarf: Coach

Monday, July 5, 2010

Case of the Mondays!

Got a case of the Mondays as you trudge your butt around the office this fine summer day? Well feast your eyes on an outfit that will make you excited to go into work. Just simple, stripe-y shirt with awesome shoulder appliques, pencil skirt, and a pair of comfy black heels but WAIT what's this? This girl LOVES her accessories....taking a swarovski necklace and turning it into a cool anklet and layering awesome bracelets help to set this outfit apart from your regular worker bee humdrum. Stripe-y shirt girl whom we spotted out outside of are the sunlight of our boring monday!
Shirt: Pimkie
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Aldo
Bracelets: Green Bracelet from Pearl in Saifi Village (best little jewelry store in Beirut!). Studded Bracelet; Kitson. Blue Bracelet; Barney's. Envelope Bracelet; gift from best friend eva.
Anklet: Swarovski Necklace

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Shoesies!!!

Love this post we received in the mail via Madame Dill! These sandals from Zara's older and more mature sister store Uterque are a great summer shoe! In an oh so trendy and flattering nude, the gold appliques help to add a rock and roll feel to these awesome shosies!
Shoes: Uterque
Pants: COS

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We need inspiration ALSO.

One of the highstreetq8 girls is going to an "evening function", and was in one of those "BLAH dont feel like thinking about what to wear moods". (Yes we get those too, although we hate to admit since we love getting dressed up SO SO SO MUCH). Anyhoo we popped into one of our favorite little style inspiration blog, "Almodablog" and loved loved loved their piece on The Glastonbury Festival and get mucho inspired by all the lace and denim and crisis averted.
For loads of other fashion related info check out these girls' witty insight paired with delicious fashion news!

Like Stealing Candy From A Baby (we WISH)

We want her Jacket. We want it NOW. Please note all the awesomeness of this pre-teen cutie. Skinny jeans, boxy little lavender jacket, florescent details that flowed seamlessly from her jacket to shoes to accessories...VINTAGE BAG. What the HECK? We love you girl, you shall be a fashion force to be reckoned with. We wanted to steal her jacket but rethunk it seeing as we WERE in an airport after all.
Jacket: Lola et Moi
Bag: Vintage
Bracelet: Pinkmoon

The Cool Kid.

I am SORRY, WHAT? Are you really 13? Are you really this awesome? Are you really mixing and matching stripes, and then tying it all in with some kickbutt floral sandals? Did we really just spot your sister and you strolling around an AIRPORT looking cooler then most people we know? are our new fashion IDOLS!
Dress and shoes: Zara

We HEART Brazil

a. We are not talking football related love, unless the hotness of Kaka (hahahah..."kaka") is in question.
b. We know this is super low quality image, which doesn't do this girl or dress justice but it is worth it for WHAT we are about to tell you...
Is an awesome, Brazilian Sao Paolo fashion house created by ClĂ´ Orozco whom we LOVE because she so didn't study fashion but managed to be so passionate about something that she elevated it to the form of perfection.
You know that girl you see, that everyone keeps telling you is sooo beautiful and you look at her and your like "huh dont see what the big deal is?". Then she smiles, tells a few jokes and you find yourself falling more and more in love with her every second? If this clothing line were a GIRL it would be HER! You find things like this dress which has a seemingly 3aaadi silhoute, but with to die for details.
Please check out this clothing line, which I know is sometimes available in Kuwait via M3rath (exhibitions). Clothes are beautiful, simple, deconstructed at times, airy, light and perfect for Kuwait sensibilities.
p.s Shoes: Miu Miu