Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Morning Pick Me UP!

IF you woke up early this fine Tuesday morning, and helped yourself to a healthy dosage of Highstreetq8 (good boys and girls) then this is your reward! A perfect gem of an outfit fit for you corporate 9-to-5ers (we envy you your bank accounts, yet not so much the waking up at 7 am thing).
This the kind of outfit that would look as elegant now, as it would 10 years from now. Just timeless and classy. Her nude/camel palette made us feel cool (as in temperature), while the loveliness of a high end bag and scarf made us feel cooler (as in cool by association for snapping her pics).
p.s this lovely, respectable, well versed, high profile banker asked us to point your attention to the shoe and claimed "LET THEM NOTE THE SUFFICENT TOE CLEAVAGE!"
.... le sigh. We love our highstreet interactions almost as much as we hope you love reading about them.
Off to bed... say good morning to the corporate world for us....and GET US A JOB!
Pants: L'Altra Moda
Trench + Shirt: Zara
Bag : Anya Hindmarch
Scarf: Coach


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