Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SPOTTED: Vintage Leopard Print Purses!

From Lady B (first image) to Random Cutie in LA (spotted in Downtown LA) we've been spotting loads of vintage leopard print bags (almost always suede or suede-esque)! Even our sister has snatched one from our mother's closet. We guarantee if you go rummaging around your mama's wardrobe you may find such a gem, I feel as though they were as much a staple in the 80's as leggings are today (oh wait and in the 80's). Speaking of which...we want Lady B's pants (alas from Hong Kong).


  1. This girl pants is so funky! I wish I could pull them off. :(

  2. you girls were so sweet--its me, Annabel, random chick! How did you enjoy LA? keep in touch: )