Thursday, April 29, 2010

Highstreetq8 Discounts at BROWN!

Last week Highstreeq8 mentioned that we were shipped off to Beirut to bring back lovely Aila Bags for our friends at "Brown Booteek" Well guess what honey bunnies? Brown is having an amazing 10% of items in their summer collection for 3 days only at their Tala Center Store in Salimyah from May 1st to May 3rd.

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But what WHAT? Do you think you are like EVERYONE else? Nope! Highstreetq8 readers need only MENTION highstreetq8 to the sales ladies and they will receive an ADDITIONAL 10% of these two lovely items above (modeled by a highstreetq8 team member!)
1. A white Holly Road Summer dress you can wear with either leggings, slip or as a cover up on the beach.
2. A sequined Free People slip dress, can be worn "intimately" or with a blazer. We love this blue color, but you can get an additional 10% on all 7 colors!
Do we feel cool we get to offer you discounts? YES WE DO! Because we LOVE YOU! Just mention us at the check-out for your savings!!! Woooohoooo!

Conservative Chic

So here we go, this is the answer my beautiful international readers, this is what a fashionable Muhajaba (woman who chooses to wear the head scarf for religious/social reasons) looks like.
FABULOUS and fashionable!
Spotted this girl walking with her friends at a local mall and chased after her, beamed a Highstreetq8 smile and got a few shots. We love how her outfit is conservative but very indicative of who she is as an individual. Very personal and stylish (looove the color combination and pants). We don't have to flaunt a lot of skin to be noticed, and we dont have to look like clones bathed in black polyster just because we may be conservative in the way we dress! Good Job Beautiful!

Repeat MJ shoes in WHITE!

Dont you just looooooove how you can see an item of clothing and be like "wow that's pretty cool but I dont know..." then two seconds later you see someone rocking it so seamlessly and you unconsciously find yourself reaching for your credit card and your car keys?
Highstreetq8 OBVI-ously fell in love with these shoes in black, when they were rocked by a cool dude, but then our love for them became obsessive when we saw this AMAZING girl rocking them so casually at a freaking starbucks with leggings! We love these shoes, like Henry loved June, like Paris loved Helen of Troy, and like Rhett Butler loved Scarlet O'Hara (until he was over her Beeeatchness). We will never get over you beautiful MJ replica shoes....we heart you forever even after studded loafers are a thing of the past, we will still love you.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mama's Shirt

This girl was spotted and we told her we liked her shirt. SHE FREAKED out!
"It's my MOM's shirt from the 70's". She was so excited about being singled out for such a sentimental piece that we had to give her a highstreetq8 high five!
Good job gorgeous!

Vintage Glasses in Hamra

Highstreetq8 NEVER posts pictures up of themselves, but for these glasses we made an exception!

Walking down the streets of Hamra last week, we spotted this amazing little store selling vintage sunglasses and eyeglasses on the cheap! We became OBSESSED. Not only is the gentlemen who owns and runs the store hilariously and heart-warmingly in love with vintage eyeglasses, but his daughter is the resident eye doctor so this little hole in the wall gave us an all-over feel good vibe.

For a 120 bucks we bought a pair of vintage glasses AND prescription lenses. We also convinced our fellow highstreeter friend to do the same! Viva Vintage!

Dont stop till you get enough, no really MJ fans...dont.

APPURRRENTLY, MJ hired god of luxe shoe's; Louboutin to design all his footwear for his comeback tour. Here are the series of events:
MJ dies = Louboutin gives shoes to Mika for HIS tour = then loubi recreates replicas of shoes for consumers = shoes show up at a cool artsy after party in underground of Jabriya, Kuwait = we BUY FOR US PREASEEEEE.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Harem Pants

Highstreetq8 has an obsession-aize with harem pants. We LUB them. They are comfortable, fashionable and dont listen to what anyone says they can be SUPER sexy. We love this girl's simplicity and color coordination, it let's her pants and necklace shine without being over the top! Such a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, you get a high five from highstreet girl!

Top: Forever 21

Necklace: Harvey Nichols


Purchased from Closet Candy!

Shoes: Chanel

Poem for Boy in Hamra

There once was a boy in Hamra,
When I went to him with a smile,
and coo'ed "Hey man I like your style!"
He almost bit off my head!
"Artistic expression is about poetry"
he said.
"Why dont you write a poem about me instead?"
So boy from Hamra, across of Bread Republic,
Thank you for your vintage style.
Even though you wouldnt tell me where you get it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Fever

We spotted this UNBELIEVABLE beauty at a hip corniche eatery. We fell in love with the simplicity of her form-fitting yet angelic floral print dress and thin belt. So flattering and lovely on her slim bod! After taking the picture, we looked at our plate of empty risotto, and we felt guilty....really really guilty. Spring lady, thanks for reminding us summer's just around the bend!
Dress: H&M
Belt: Club Monaco

Blazer fun!

Lovely Lady rocking an amazing Topshop blazer (on sale NOW at Avenues branch) plus amazing pants. We love the simplicity of the combo, but the funky freshness of the details in tailoring (of the pants for example) and the blazer! Beautifully done you fab highstreet-er you!

Blazer: Topshop
Pants: French Connection
Shoes: Michael Kors

Bohemian Chic by Lady B

Florals are in, the 90's are back! Roughen up a cute little floral dress with a rocking pyramid studded hat and you will be on point! Everything is about depth, when dressing try mixing it up. Don't be bound by what you think "goes" together themetically you will end up looking too theaterical. This outfit is amazingly sweet and edgy at the same time, which makes it beautiful to look at and fun to wear! Good Job Lady B!

Dress: Random Boutique in Boston
Hat: Random Boutique in China

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Highstreetq8 shoesies and MORE

Rachel Comey (kickstart ze "obsession") Shoes now available in Darat Al Zuhoor exhibition! woohoo!
Manolo Blahniks dont need to be 7 inchs high to be amazing. C'est ca la proof. collection shoes for men. We love the comfort and espardrilles (Lady B , you are my fashion dictionary!) inspired soles, great little shoe for cheaaaap! (available now at in ethnic print, for 7kwd...cannot be BEAT boys)

Muthana collection. I understand this may not be to everyone's liking, but we do have fashionable men out there who have to wear a traditional N3al (above) for diwaniya or what have you. Check out Muthana Mall's plethora of N3al's. And you gotta love them for their cool pop art!
For the discerning CEO who yearns to express himself but cannot openly, try a little quirky cheekiness underneath your dishdasha. Feelin' a little frisky? Wear the Sunday socks on a >GASP< TUESDAY!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Airport Awesome

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So, funny story. Highstreetq8 lugs 19 Aila Bags from Lebanon to Kuwait and in the interim has a little too much fun on the streets of Hamra. We look frazzled at the airport, we are wearing a now slightly wet leather jacket, boyfriend jeans, our hair is in a Japanese-y looking bun and our eyes are so tired we are all up in our vintage eyeglasses circa my grandmother. So we understand how weird we may look in our "busted-too-little-sleep" chic get-up telling a girl looking as hot as this lovely lady pictured above that we love her outfit. BUT SHE AGREED, do you know why? Because she LOVES HIGHSTREETq8! YAY!YAY!YAY!
Enough about us, she is wearing the COOLEST leather studded Etro vest and LnA tshirt. Not only that, WHAT ARE THOSE DESIGNS ON HER NECK AND WRIST? Temporary tattoos designed by Peter Philips and purchased at Chanel Paris! This is SO awesome and fun! It's so cheeky and very reminiscent of days spent tattoo-ing bubble gum wrapper heart's in front of Bakala's. We almost made the crying, but we realized we were too tired.
You are an awesome girl and the coolest sport!
Vest: Vintage Etro
T-shirt: LnA
Tattoos!: Chanel

Workwear Chic-Downtown Lebanon

Walking in the rain, in downtown Lebanon we spotted her. Her, because her smile, her little bow hair band, her personality shown in every inch of this undeniably understated yet adorable work outfit. She laughed when we asked her "highstreetq8 fashion shoot time" and said something about not looking good today. We choked and said, "WE BEG TO DIFFER HOT STUFF". She quickly became very proud of her outfit (and so are we), it's quirky creativity tinged with the cutest feminine touches (do you notice the cute floral lining on her shirt?), her favorite thing is her little clutch. We think we can't decide what is our favorite. Lovely lady, our only regret is that we didn't hug you for your awesome creativity.
Pants and belt: Random Store in Turkey
Clutch: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Marc Jacobs

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Highstreet Travels!

So not ONLY is Highstreetq8 constantly on the look out for your street styles, but apparently we are so in love with clothes that we will travel to transfer them. That's RIGHT peeps, Highstreetq8 is going to Beirut for two days and en route will accomplish two things:
1. Take pics of hottie Lebanese fashionistas.
2. Transport the new collection of Aila cluthes for Brown Boutique!
Bear with us, we may be a bit absent for the next two days BUT we promise we will come back with highstreetq8 photo shoot time pictures GALORE and these cute freakin bags! Good Job Aila, good job Brown for carrying them!
We shall miss you...
we cry into our latte's now.
(But not enough to smear our mascara.)
Saturday - Thursday 9:30am - 1pm & 5pm - 9:30pm
Tala Center Basement

Work Color

A few posts back, Highstreet commented on a girl who had used a white Longchamps bag as an everyday bag and for us that redefiened the purse. We are once again confronted with this lovely "pop" of our personal style bubble. When one wakes up in the morning, faced with the delicious task of figuring out what to wear to work, one rarely thinks that bright red pants fits into our workwear vernacular. But it does, oh so deliciously, it does. We want red pants now. And we want to wear them to work (ahem...once we find a >job<).
So clean , and crisp and fresh.,the details on the shoulder's updates this look in case there is any doubt about it's coolness factor. Great job office lady! And amazing job Little Hani for finding her!
Top- Urban outfitters
Pants- Marni
Shoes- Faith

Monday, April 19, 2010

Layering Texture

So , this a simple little outfit right? Tshirt, Vest, Shorts, Sandals. But to highstreetq8 it is the most well thought out simple outfit we had seen today. We love the way this lovely lady's sandals match the color palate of her tshirt, and mirrors the gold detailing. But our favorite part is her Tshirt/Vest combo. Everything from the color combination to the layering of texture and print is a very smart, cool move! Good Job Gorgeous!
Tshirt: Marc Jacobs
Vest: Sandro
Shorts: Topshop
Sandals: Topshop (available now in Topshop stores)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

PQ'ing it in Stripes.

Pain Quotidien as it turns out, is a great place for Highstreetq8's daily bread, AND daily fashion hit. Spotted this lovely lady jumping into her car and INSTANTLY asked "Highstreetq8 photo shoot time?" And she complied! Love her cute dress with it's great shoulder rouching and gladiator slippers! Thank you fashionista for brightening up our carb filled day!
Dress: Zara
Vest: Members Only
Necklace- Vintage Store in LA
Sandals: Sam Edelman (p.s we have a slight obession with Sam Edelman shoes, perfect slippers and flats for under a 30KWD/100 bucks...not only fashion forward but great quailty! )

Thoub Girl Strikes Back!

One must never undermine the social constructs of where one lives. Whilst women in Europe or the US can easily flaunt (or taunt us) with their assets on a hot day via short shorts and tank tops....we must consider the boundaries of religious and social constructs and adopt a more appropriate way of dressing. Highstreetq8 loves the women (and men) of our region because whether good or bad (this aint no political blog, and we never judge) these sort of constructs breed a certain level of creativity!

And contrary to what people in the west may think, that we are all sitting around clutching our black polyester abaya's crying into our tea, as we stare out our windows waiting for prayer call we have a sense of humour and we ain't afraid to use it. Ladies and GENTS proof positive of how much we rock (and how much we love George Michael)

A "You Gotta Have Faith" custom made prayer thoub (traditional prayer dress, used for you guessed it...praying) and Chanel inspired prayer rug. WE love you girls for this, We love you so so so much.
Thoub are the bomb.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fashion Complex.

Spotted by Lady B
So I have sometimes heard men (hetro, metro, and homosexual) complain..."oh you know women have so much more things available to them on high street then we men!"

Not so this GORGEOUSLY dressed man proves. What we like about his outfit is that it blends so effortlessly low end and high end, and also just RANDO purchases from vintage stores to Musba7 used as necklace! This man did not underestimate his personal style, or where he can purchase things he loves from vintage stores to Souq Al mubarikiya! We love love love his April 77 jeans...such a great brand for men! He does a great job at embodying the "very thrown together" look, but has some very complexly beautiful detailing going on in his accessories...Good job Mr. Man!

Thank you Lady B for finding him!

Blazer: Armani

Shirt: Paul Smith

White T-shirt: Topman

Jeans: Aprill 77

Shoes: Cesare Paciotti

Vintage New York Necklace, Musba7/Prayer Beads worn as Necklace.

Bracelets: Alexander Mcqueen, Topshop
Rings: Topshop, Vivienne Westwood

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rock my World, Rocker Chick.

Spotted by Little Hani
This lovely lady did indeed search high and low to put her outfit together, the origin of the pieces are as eclectic as the over all look! We love to imagine she has shopped in Topman and Indian Heritage teetering on her Louboutins. Personal style is as much about what your final outfit looks like, as is the story of the pieces you put together. That is why we are diggin you hardcore, bohemian rocker chick!
T-shirt- Top Man
Jeans- J brand
Bag- Mango
Shoes- Louboutins
Bracelet: Indian heritage

Techie Chic

No outfit is complete without a huge over sized Itouch...I mean Iphone... I mean Ipad. Who cares it looks cool with the outfit! Thank you SIR N for your hottness as always!

Pants: Bassike
Slippers: Marsell
Techie accessory: Very ecstatic purchase made in important it must be brought henceforth to every social function.

Lemme Upgrade Ya, Upgrade Ya!

So I can only assume how this happened, this insanely awesome outfit. Lady B wakes up and spies her brother's Valley Forg Military school grey tee that had been gifted to her. She decides, "hey haven't worn this in awhile....neither have I rocked my gorg brocade Phillip Lim skirt...hmmmm...."
And this is how outfit genius is born people, do not be scared! Do not fear! Dont like the cutsie girlie clips on your Lanvin flats? Rip them off and add a cute pair of socks....Lady B, you are a shining beacon of fashion fun and highstreet salutes you!
Skirt: 3.1 Philip Lim
Tee: (totally guessing here) last minute purchase made by brother at Valley Forg's Bookstore
Socks: B's Bro
Flats: Lanvin (sans the overly girlie accessories, which have been ripped off)