Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fashion Complex.

Spotted by Lady B
So I have sometimes heard men (hetro, metro, and homosexual) complain..."oh you know women have so much more things available to them on high street then we men!"

Not so this GORGEOUSLY dressed man proves. What we like about his outfit is that it blends so effortlessly low end and high end, and also just RANDO purchases from vintage stores to Musba7 used as necklace! This man did not underestimate his personal style, or where he can purchase things he loves from vintage stores to Souq Al mubarikiya! We love love love his April 77 jeans...such a great brand for men! He does a great job at embodying the "very thrown together" look, but has some very complexly beautiful detailing going on in his accessories...Good job Mr. Man!

Thank you Lady B for finding him!

Blazer: Armani

Shirt: Paul Smith

White T-shirt: Topman

Jeans: Aprill 77

Shoes: Cesare Paciotti

Vintage New York Necklace, Musba7/Prayer Beads worn as Necklace.

Bracelets: Alexander Mcqueen, Topshop
Rings: Topshop, Vivienne Westwood


  1. tawne aktishif ur blog.. i absolutely LOVE IT;p

    and ive seen this guy before w kint mistikhifa 3ala his Vivienne Westwood ring:P hahah :P

  2. Dear Zaydoun,

    As Highstreetq8 respects your opinion IMMENSELY (and we sincerely do, and thank you for checking in!) we like to focus on people's personal style. Please send us a pic anonymously of how you would wear your jewelry! We would love to post it as we aim to celebrate all people's personal style even when it is completely juxtaposed/opposite! Thank you again muchly for your comment!
    Take Care,

  3. I have that Vivienne Westwood armour ring! It's probably my favorite. Love the shoes and that McQueen bracelet.