Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poem for Boy in Hamra

There once was a boy in Hamra,
When I went to him with a smile,
and coo'ed "Hey man I like your style!"
He almost bit off my head!
"Artistic expression is about poetry"
he said.
"Why dont you write a poem about me instead?"
So boy from Hamra, across of Bread Republic,
Thank you for your vintage style.
Even though you wouldnt tell me where you get it!


  1. umm.. your poem doesnt rhyme.

    but i forgive you.

  2. LOOOOL!

    "Mr/Mrs. Rhyme Police
    We are glad you enjoyed our piece.
    Although we did sorta Rhyme,
    I hope you forgive us our crime.
    And know you shall learn in time,
    That not every poem must Rhyme."

    Your turn...

  3. My oh my
    Thank you for your witty reply

    For this, you do not have to pay a fine
    tho u cant c me im giving u the thumbs up sign

    (This is how ppl spend their time at work efficently :P)

    -Rhyme police