Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fashion Conscious-ness MAN

So I see this guy. I am thinking, pretty cool shoes right? I have seen them before, so I approach him and this is how the convo goes
highstreetq8: Pretty cool shoes ya got there buddy...what are they?
His eyes light up.
Guy: REALLY? Thanks, ya these are Tom's, you heard about them? You know why they are so cool right? RIGHT? Right?
highstreetq8: Blink, Blink. The wool flannel detailing?
Guy: No. Ok so the deal is you buy these pair of shoes, and then the company sends a pair of shoes to some needy children who dont have any shoes! Awesome RIGHT! Right? RIGHT?!
highstreetq8: Hell ya that's cool, and so is the flannel detailing, but ya the whole charity thing is pretty cool too!

So kids, we are pretty impressed that not only is he rocking a pretty awesome pair of shoesies, but some kid in Africa is pretty happy right now! Puts a whole different spin on fashion conscious-ness does it not?

Shoes: Tom's
Dress Shirt: Marks and Spencer
Shorts: Marks and Spencer


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