Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shoesie Sunday!

YAYAYA time for Shoesy Sunday. But we have to be honest, after this Halloween weekend, it's like we sort of feel "meh" about regular clothes. Halloween is THE BEST FREAKING HOLIDAY IN THE WORLD. The fact that for one day you can wear whatever you WANT is just...insanely amazing. We propose that we make a monthly costume day, rather then "casual Friday" it should be "dress-up-like-a-pumpkin-if-you-want- to -Friday"! Oh how beautiful and colorful your day would be if rather then wearing slacks to work you put on furry pants and bunny ears. How much more productive if on the day of a cut throat meeting, you dressed up like a ninja assassin...and handed out your cards as if they were ninja stars. Can someone tell us WHY we dont do this, really just one good reason?

Well in conclusion here are so cute boots, shoes and a vintage clutch. That'll brighten up your day!

Aldo Boots

Random purchase LA

Zara shoes
LV bag
* Dior vintage clutch from @danaHT

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here you go kiddies click on the image below to get the rules for the upcoming Highstreetq8 competition!! We are so excited ARE YOU??


OOOO LOOOK!!! Our twitter bud @DelicatelyReal* rocked a similar look to our Chanel 'n'Pinkberry girl Click HERE!

(We hope that she was inspired at least partially by
Shirt: Zara (our lady proclaimed "BEST PURCHASE EVER")
(are those some Cartier and Hermes bracelets we spy with our little eye Mrs. DelicatelyReal? Someone out there must love you berry berry much....!!!)
Her scarf is from JF scarves, soon to be sold at 52 Degrees! WOOO-to the mother freakin'-HOOOO! You can also check that out HERE!
P to the S peeps, you can check out our ladies blog here!

Even you, Brutus?

This series of shots come from a recent dinner, the t-shirt is our pic of the weekend! Awesome hilarious tshirts on guys make us super duper happy. I mean, what other choice do most straight non metrosexual men have in expressing themselves through fashion? Most of the time it is a hilarious tshirt and some ratty jeans. Ok, not as creative as say pairing some Tods with acid wash jeggings and a sheer cashmere blend top, but at least you make us laugh in the process. We rove-u you!
Tshirt from Jo Badu you can check it out here!!!
Also some awesome texture pics below of what other people were rocking.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Issey Pleats, All Saints, and TOM'S!

This is one of our Highstreetq8 girls... wearing an Issey Miyake bag given to her by a friend of ours from JAPAN! So you know the fab thing about going to Japan? Is that you can GET some Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons and Issey Miyake items and not break the bank. The mark-up is insane outside of Japan, and not to say this bag was cheap (it wasn't this was a VERY generous gift- love you Puri!) but still!
Anyhoo - we are SOOOOOO slow today it's hella early we got made fun of twice for looking like we were still sleeping. Round two of our Toffee Nut Lattes and we are still unable to formulate full sentences.
The chatterboxes are in around our cubicle, hence impossible to be witty.


Enough pretending we are fashion editors, and back to our day jobs...

Issey Miyake Bag: Gift from this lovely girl's friend
Shirt: All Saints
Shoes: Tom's

*shot outside Le Pain Quotidien (PQ) Kuwait.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Beautiful Future.

You know why we love highstreetq8? It's not just the fashion, the trends the photography. No it's the people we meet along the way, and the faith that is reinstated within us about where this country is headed to. We saw this BEAUTIFUL group of girls walking around Avenues Kuwait, and literally one of the girl's shoes (the studded black concealed heel platform) caught our eyes from across the mall. We thought, should we? I mean it is a GROUP of teenage girls, what if they just outright reject us!
But what happened was miraculously beautiful, the girls were friendly, sweet, excited and forthcoming. They were fashion forward, but the fashion in which they conducted themselves honestly made us more proud then the awesome-ness of their collective shoe collection.
God we are so proud of how the "3oqad" and social anxieties of our days as teens are vanishing away. Making room for strong, beautiful , socially active and open young men and women! We love you.
p.s that doesn't mean that we are not plotting to steal your shoes girl. (joking..only a little) MWA!

Shoes: Random purchase in Lebanon
We love the backdrop of these shoes against the dishdashas. So cool.

Zadig&Voltaire Official Opening

Fashionista's were abound at the Zadig&Voltaire offical opening at Phase 2 of Avenues. Clothes are awesome ,mixture of french sensibilities and hard eged rock and roll. What was fantastic as usual were the insanely rock and roll inspired outfits of all the attendees! We got to meet some great people including for the first time meblogging who are as sweet in person as they are in the digital realm. Feast your eyes lovies!
Bag: River Island (sold out)

Tshirt: Victoria Casal Coutoure

Shoes: H&M

Tie: Japan

Studded Sweater : Aishti
Bag: Stella McCartney

Shoes: Just bought from Zadig&Voltaire Kuwait!
We are seriously obsessed with these shoes! Honestly they answer every need. If you hate having to put boring pumps on in the morning with a pencil skirt and white shirt, this is the solution to all your problems! Classic meets rock and roll and comfy as heck!
Shoes: Laurence Dacade. We are currently obsessed with this Parisian shoe designer due to the fact that she did a line of heels inspired by David Bowie.

Clutch: LV
Bracelet: CC Skye

Dress: Cacharel
Necklace: Check it out here.
This Necklace is an original design from Meblogging's own Ibrah line! You can also check them out on facebook here:

*first picture
Dress: Zadig&Voltaire
Skull studded Shoes: Zadig&Voltaire
Available now!

Monday, October 25, 2010


SO kiddies...GUESS what. We all know that the H&M and Lanvin collaboration is going to be insane in the membrane right?
(we are typing so fast, we are so freaking excited!)
And we also know that as per usual, people are going to be clawing and crawling their way into H&M avenues that day it launches in order to get their grubby hands on a piece of high end without breaking their bank.
But did you know the following:
HIGHSTREETQ8 is launching a competition that will make it so you can get a piece of the LANVIN & H&M collection (of their choosing) WITHOUT standing in lines!!!
Did you also know that the rules will be posted by Thursday and that you need to take part of it?
MEEP we are so excited.
p.s we did NOT get a live sneak peak of the collection, because that is against the rules...but if we did, we would tell you it is the BEST thing we have ever seen.

A La Française

Had brunch with some lovely girl friends at Brasserie De L'Etoile this weekend (awesome food by the way). Something about the place inspires an all around frenchy-ness to come out of it's patrons. Maybe it's the the red velvet, the waitstaff uniform, the plume of cigarette smoke, or the french parlour music that inspired this lovely lady to throw on a polka dotted blue Topshop dress! Whatever the reason and whatever the cuisine, a simple dress with great details is a fabulous choice for your brunching needs! Especially if your in DIRE need of your morning cup of Joe (for whatever reason...teehee) and don't have the energy or time to think about what to wear!

p.s dress available now at Topshop Kuwait, there is also a really nice white and black option with some exact sleeve detail at H&M, but it is a bodycon dress. So check it out there if you are looking for a slinkier option.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The comical, the cute and the Somber Post


The comedic part: The intense cuteness of this "Free Chorizo" shirt on a toddler. ACK! So freaking cute, this baby looks like he is sharing in on the joke. Mashallah!
The Cute part: Remember the days when it was ok to wear a tutu on a Thursday night? We miss those days more then ANYTHING else in our childhood. Running into our closet after KG because we got inspired by a ballerina hanging in our classroom, or dressing up like a pirate even though it's not Halloween! AW SO CUTE, double mashallah.
The Somber part: We volunteered to an orphanage this weekend in Kuwait. Nothing broke our heart as much as having to say goodbye to those kids. We are in the process of getting all the info on how to volunteer on a weekly basis. Email us at, if your interested and we should reply very soon.
p.s this post goes out to @delicatelyReal !

Chanel 'n' Pinkberry

Ok so PAY ATTENTION! Nothing beats the beauty, ease and elegance of a well tailored white shirt. Worn with leggings, skinnys, tucked into boyfriend jeans, or worn over a max dress or a long skirt (tie the ends together though) it is a NO BRAINER. You have one of these hanging in your closet this season? Get four more, in different colors! My mom likes to put contrasting brooches with hers (like vertical striped brooch pinned to a horizontal striped shirt of similar colors...freaking AWESOME) you can dress it up and dress it down. You can pair it with Chanel or with H&M, use it to navigate the streets of Kuwait on a Friday, or recycle it for office humdrum. Good places to find them at are Gap (try the men's section actually), H&M (in see through black and army green though), Mango, BCBG, Jil Sander, and Viv. Westwood. Bought a well tailored shirt recently? Let us know! Have a great week my lovies!
Shirt: BCBG
Bag & Shoes: Chanel
Earrings: Random Purchase L.A
p.s this whole look would go really well with pieces from this highstreetq8 inspired treasury on etsy!
p.s this whole look would go really well with pieces from this highstreetq8 inspired treasury on etsy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The IT Bags of Yore

Do you remember the "IT" bags of yore? The Marc Jacobs quilted Stam bag, the Fendi Spy Bag, the LV speedy? Ok we are not fashion snobs, we ARE NOT we swear! But if you do go ahead and spend an arm and a leg on an IT bag you have to also be aware that you need to retire it out of your closet after awhile in order not to look too outdated. Once they are out, they just look so BLOODY out. It's no lie that if you don the Marc Jacobs Stam purse now, it just outdates your look even if your wearing Osman from head to toe!
But the Marni Balloon bag...? Oh it is our love. Even though it enjoyed it's slightly It bag status for a long while a few seasons back, we think it still looks more modern then the Spy bag, and the Stam! What do you all think? We love the color and size of this balloon bag, and love how this girl is rocking it!
Oh and this hottie's outfit is soooo cute we love it!
Jumpsuit + Sweater: J.Crew
Gold bracelet: Pinkmoon
Lavender: Hermes

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Summer Throwback

Awww. This outfit makes us want to be on our summer vacation again, in a park sipping on um you know juice. Not holed up in a cubicle whilst our feet raise a proverbial fist at us for sticking them in stilettos for 9 hours a day. Our gorgeous Saudi girl is rocking her summer fashion galore. We love the jumpsuit, her studded Zara booties, studded leather jacket, her fringe and all. It's like a freaking summer throwback bonanza.
Hey, it's summer somewhere...anyone wanna jump ship and move to Brazil with mus?
We can sip on, know juice.

Leather jacket : Forever 21 WHAT THAT'S AMAZING!
Skirt: H&M
Belt : River Island
Booties: Zara
Purse : Sara's bag

Jumpsuit : River Island
Vest : H&M
Boots : Zara
Fringe bag: H&M

All buys from Zara except the shoes, from a local store in L.A

Outfit#1: Jumpsuit : Zara
Shoes : Aldo

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We love us some Do-it-yourself. This is no surprise. The amazingness of walking into a highstreet store, and saying "you know what? I am going to buy this 2 KWD (6dollar) shirt on sale, and turn it into something even more". Our lovely girl above has paired a regular tshirt from NEW LOOK, with a grey three quarter ruffle sleeve shirt, which she had turned into a crop top! A custom look, that's fun without breaking the bank! Good job beautiful!

Shirt: New Look
Top: New Look

Monday, October 18, 2010

This is What a Jewelry Designer Looks Like

God , WE LOVE US some fearless dressers! We love people who mix and match patterns, pair H&M with Vintage, Vintage with originally created pieces. We love them even more when they not only know how to dress, but how to MAKE stuff. Like this gorgeous girl, who has her own awesome line of jewelry!
Grey ruffle cardigan - H&M
Leopard print skirt - H&M (p.s we think that H&M is selling this at their store now can anyone confirm?)
Basic black tank - Papaya (super cute online boutique)
Gold bracelet - Model's own creation from olives and pearls jewelry
Jade bracelet - China Town San Francisco
Ring - Mother's vintage
Scarf (with tone on tone leopard print and flower pattern) - Grandma's vintage,most likely from YSL
Gathered Pink Chiffon Necklace - Model's own creation from olives and pearls jewelry