Thursday, October 21, 2010

The IT Bags of Yore

Do you remember the "IT" bags of yore? The Marc Jacobs quilted Stam bag, the Fendi Spy Bag, the LV speedy? Ok we are not fashion snobs, we ARE NOT we swear! But if you do go ahead and spend an arm and a leg on an IT bag you have to also be aware that you need to retire it out of your closet after awhile in order not to look too outdated. Once they are out, they just look so BLOODY out. It's no lie that if you don the Marc Jacobs Stam purse now, it just outdates your look even if your wearing Osman from head to toe!
But the Marni Balloon bag...? Oh it is our love. Even though it enjoyed it's slightly It bag status for a long while a few seasons back, we think it still looks more modern then the Spy bag, and the Stam! What do you all think? We love the color and size of this balloon bag, and love how this girl is rocking it!
Oh and this hottie's outfit is soooo cute we love it!
Jumpsuit + Sweater: J.Crew
Gold bracelet: Pinkmoon
Lavender: Hermes


  1. I have to disagree about the Marc Jacobs Stam bag. I always get a little happier when I see someone wearing that bag. It was love at first sight. Bag's that will never go out of style for me are: Hermes Kelly or Birkin, but you have to sell an arm and leg for those, any Chanel, and the more affordable and always stylish LV speedy.

  2. Hello H! Thanks for your feedback as always! We totally know what your saying, and we can see how all things worn by the right person can be pulled of properly (we love our mom's speedy and pull it out often). However when it comes to the Spy bag and the Stam it has become an over saturation of a silhouette that got associated with a season or two, and just naturally without being judgemental becomes dated. Unlike the Birkin, which has ALWAYS been around and gotten a gradual sort of resurgance into the younger (by young I mean not 50 year old upper east siders) crowd and has been going strong for a good 7 years (remember the Sex and the City episode?)or the Chanel classic quilted purses which also have been around for so long. Those bags are classic's that are always great, like the YSL muse. But with "IT" bags, they like all other fads, come on strong and die out. It's sad really, because the Stam is a beautiful little purse.
    -have a great day !

  3. Love her nail polish!!

  4. What do you think about the Fendi Baguette? It was an "it" bag, but not a classic like the Chanel or Birkin. However, I love seeing it once in a while, and especially because Carrie wore it for a couple of seasons in Sex and the City. I still think the Stam and some "it" bags can be worn today, even if they seem dated and not classics. I'm not a follower of trends and get really annoyed by them, because I'm anti-establishment like that. So I usually like to wear a trend when it's a year or two old. But that's just me.

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