Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here you go kiddies click on the image below to get the rules for the upcoming Highstreetq8 competition!! We are so excited ARE YOU??


  1. How can you control multiple voting from same user/PC? one can be voting for him/herself all day long and eventually win unfairly :)

  2. Dear Anon,

    That was totally our concern , but we worked it out! We are going to be using the facebook "like" system that way you can only vote once for each pic, but you can vote for more then one...
    It was a better alternative to having people vote from the same computer!

    Have a great hair day!

  3. This is really awesome! Can we take pictures in teh dressing room?

  4. excellent idea highstreetq8!!
    best of luck


  5. omg, why have I stumble upon this wonderful blog of yours just NOW???!!!
    & Just found out about this amazing competition??? God! Where was I???

    Anyways! Do we need to have only one H&M piece? what about the rest of the outfit? could we have/mix & match different brands together or should the whole outfit be an H&M?

    Please, reply fast! :D

  6. Dear Anon & Just A Bunch:

    Ofcourse you can take pictures in teh dressing room, but just keep in mind that the pictures that get the most feedback on the site, are ones that are slightly artistic so keep that in mind whilst your snapping!
    Also you can wear ANY H&M peice from this season and mix and match it with ANYTHING else in your wardrobe. You can literally rock a pair of lace stockings from H&M as your piece and build an outfit around it!

    Hope that you answers your questions!
    and thank you so much for your kind words!
    -highstreetq8 team