Saturday, October 2, 2010

Remember the Days?

Do you all remember the days, when in order to go to Salhiya or Villa Moda*, you had to do it Kashkha** style? You could be chilling at Givenchy pining over 500KWD shoes for your sister's wedding, and watch a woman saunter in on a Saturday afternoon with the exact same pair. Well, move over high end, and make room for highstreet! We spotted this girl chillaxing in Salhiya with a kickbutt vintage YSL (her mom's) . The rest of her outfit is on par as well, the knotted tshirt (we are rocking that look today as well!), the baby blue jeggings, the accessories..AWESOME. Tell us what you think!

Purse: Vintage YSL (to die for, we had to hold back from wanting to touch it, in order not to freak our girl out)
Tshirt: Forever 21

Pink Bracelet: Purchased from Pinkmoon.
*high end luxury department stores/boutiques comparable to Saks or Rodeo Drive . **kashkha- The act of looking luxurious, high end, or expensive. Can be used as an adjective: "That YSL bag is so Khaskha."


  1. oh wow.
    I want her bag!! It's so coooooool.
    So proud of Kuwaiti's being more down to need to look like your going to a wedding when yoru goin shopping, and you can still look cool!

  2. Knotted Shirts are a no-go. EVER!
    Essspecially in public (and in Kuwait!!!)
    Sorry girls.

    -Thoub Girl

  3. Hello Thoub Girl!
    Why do you say that? The girl was wearing a fanala (tank top) underneath and we had ours tied over a long black loosefitting dress to cinch it in..., not a bare inch of skin showing.
    Is there another reason it's a no-go other then the bare midrif issue? We totally see your point, if it is a modesty issue. We think different outfits are reserved for different occasions, but trend alert wise, bare waists are back in style ala the 90's.
    P.s we love you.

  4. What do you all think? Bare midriff yay or nay? And how about dress code ethics in Kuwait...what is ok and what isnt?

  5. Y3ani la mita?!?! If it is hot and there are mans walking in shorts why I shouldnt do it also?

  6. She makes me want to lose weight. *sigh*
    beautiful x

  7. A bare midrif is extremely unflattering in my opinion; it doesn't really do you any favors in terms of classiness, comfort or style. Layering a cropped top over something else is an entirely different matter though, it could look fantastic if you have the right eye and sensibility.

  8. Anonymous il im3a9ba:
    لو كنت شايفه واحد لابس شورت في مجمع (و بالذات الصالحية), جان قلت نفس الشي... خلو الشورتات و التيشرتات المقصمله حق مكانه.. البحر

    The issue is not about skin-showing. It's about perceived modesty. Her shirt is tucked to where her belly-button is. Faneela or not, it's still risqué. And we're in Kuwait, not Venice Beach.

    Lady in Pic:
    No offense to you, but maybe you should save the look for when you're on the Beach or at the gym.

    Thoub Girl

  9. Thoub Girl,
    Jeans, shorts and tshirts can be worn in the most classy ways. YES even shorts...check here please:

    This isnt my style but if saw a girl wearing this to the office I would thing it was classy. No?

  10. My whole concern isn't her crop shirt, but her very skintight jeans. You can almost see her privates. If she's hanging at someone's house it's one thing, but those jeans are asking for creepy stares. We have to dress according to the society we are in, and I personally do it not for culture's sake but I don't want men of different ages and backgrounds to make me uncomfortable. We also have to remember we have workers in our country that come with no wives and aren't used to such dress. Peace.

  11. Person who Posted Pic of Adrianna Lima Wearing Short Suit:

    Yes, that's awesome for Italy. Not the corporate work place world.

    Although, to be honest, i so want to pull it off. And wear loafers and a straw fedora with over-sized shades so i can be a total uber-hipster.


    -Thoub Girl

  12. that girl looks stylish and cute!(:
    get over it people kuwaiti women are becoming more free stop trying to turn us into saudi arabia,you dont like it well fine! DONT WEAR IT but dont force your rules and narrow minded views on others,keep them to yourselves.

  13. "Her shirt is tucked to where her belly-button is. Faneela or not, it's still risqué"

    seriously? how is that risuqe! -.- gosh you're pretty judgmental for being oh so moslema

  14. "Person who Posted Pic of Adrianna Lima Wearing Short Suit" -- LOL!

    i agree with thoub girl! I don't see the outfit being stylish and it doesn't look good at all, especially the extremely tight jeans .. and im not talking about oh society/kuwait etc. .. i generally just don't like the outfit :P

    -- selita

  15. Personally I don't like it when people wear legging/jeggings as pants its not cute unless ur wearing an oversized shirt or it covers ur derrière. Undergarment lines are not cute either. Its not about i7tsham but it just looks classier to me. Thats my personal opinion but to each their own.

    Oooh it would look great on a dark pair of skinnys thou