Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Beautiful Future.

You know why we love highstreetq8? It's not just the fashion, the trends the photography. No it's the people we meet along the way, and the faith that is reinstated within us about where this country is headed to. We saw this BEAUTIFUL group of girls walking around Avenues Kuwait, and literally one of the girl's shoes (the studded black concealed heel platform) caught our eyes from across the mall. We thought, should we? I mean it is a GROUP of teenage girls, what if they just outright reject us!
But what happened was miraculously beautiful, the girls were friendly, sweet, excited and forthcoming. They were fashion forward, but the fashion in which they conducted themselves honestly made us more proud then the awesome-ness of their collective shoe collection.
God we are so proud of how the "3oqad" and social anxieties of our days as teens are vanishing away. Making room for strong, beautiful , socially active and open young men and women! We love you.
p.s that doesn't mean that we are not plotting to steal your shoes girl. (joking..only a little) MWA!

Shoes: Random purchase in Lebanon
We love the backdrop of these shoes against the dishdashas. So cool.


  1. WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!

  2. I thought the same thing about the last pic :)

  3. Anon 1:hehehe
    Anon 2: Sa7? It's insanely awesome! Dishdasha's and studded spikes...mind trip!

    In other news...we ate too much cheese we may in face die from a cheese overdose.

    Have a great hair day!

  4. it's a good thing yes as long as our girls don't walk around half naked

  5. Meem
    Thank you for yoru comment, but we are just curious about what you all's definition of half naked is.
    We are always trying to find out what is approporiate and what is not across different memebers of our society...
    can you all please share your thoughts on what it is "half naked" and what isnt?
    Have a great hair day girl!

  6. it was nice meeting you
    and thanks for the complements xx.


  7. Fay: YAAAAY!!! Nice meeting you as well GIRLIE!

  8. Girls who wear tight clothes. Also wearing short skirts and sleevless shirt is not nice.

  9. Ok i'll explain.

    Half naked is when a girl IS wearing certain clothes but it won't make such difference if she was walking around naked !

    for example :
    girls who wear tights/leggings with SHORT tops that don't cover lower body parts that REALLY should be covered (i guess u know what i mean) that's too much !

    Girls who show cleavage, wearing their biggest push-up bras and showing their breasts like they were sadia chickens .. that't too much

    Girls whom you can see through their clothes what they're wearing under .. that's too much

    Girls who wear skirts/dresses that are over-the knee length (when some knees are better covered than showed lol) .. that's new ! and it is too much .. sometimes it looks fine when they're standing but when they sit and their thighs show that's too much

    i can go on and on about this.

    Still .. some girls are really trendy and nicely covered (not nesseceraliy 7jaab even girls who don't wear 7jaab)

    ya3ny girls, it's AMAZING how we follow fashion and wear designer stuff but it doesn't mean that we have to exactly wear what we see in the runways .. we can always add a touch of "cover up" for our body parts that shouldn't appear out in the open and your outfit could look even better when you add your personal touch.

    agreed ?

  10. NICE wedges! could u ask the girl where in beirut??
    thanks xx

  11. Meem:
    Very insightful! And agreed on the point about covering up body parts that should be shown. We think that there are certain parts of everyone's body that may not be their strongest attribute and should be worked around. We also think that people should dress appropriately for the occasion. No bathing suit and booty shorts to church, but could be acceptable at a private beach or around the pool.

    But a lot of people have voiced their distaste for leggings and short shirts, and we tried to pull this off in the states, but felt like we had forgotten to wear pants...lol. It just looked wrong.
    It works on some people though.

    For the record, girls pictured above were dressed SUPER well, and some of them were Mu7ajaba's! The girl in the amazing shoes had a very toned down outfit compartively (which is very good no need for eye catching shoes AND outfit) and was covering all the right parts which really let her shoes be the focal point of the outfit!
    woohooo amazing girls!

  12. I agree, if there's a certain body part that is not a girl's best feature she should just cover it up BUT it also doesn't mean that if a girl's best body feature were -for example- her breasts or her back-side then she should show them off, no

    and yes i agree there are alot of great outfits in your website that even i would wear (or else i wouldn't be a fan :) ) but i just had to comment to the getting rid of "3oqad" in our society is GREAT but let's not take it to wearing clothes that are so tight and revealing just for the sake of looking "modern".

    oh and btw ! i'm not talking about these girls in the picture specifically (sorry i was supposed to be clear about that earlier). this is just a reply to the part of getting rid of the "3oqad" thing.

  13. Which shop in beirut the shoes from? Loved it..

  14. Dear Meem,

    Ofcourse! We know exactly what you were talking about and we agree! *just wanted to clarify to other readers that this was a broad convo, not related to the girls above*

    As for 3oqad, we really meant the social anxieties taht make people nervous about talking to each other. When I was in high school I almost never talked to strangers, or told a random girl in Fanar (YES I AM THAT OLD! lol) "nice shoes where did you get them from" because she would probably think "waaay ishtabeen !3ab". I think now, with different social medias, twitter, facebook etc we are becoming more connected to one other making random social interaction easier to go through with...
    We r kind of rambling. But really we were more happy at the fact the girls werent shy to talk about themselves, meet other people and be generally open to a random girl coming up to them and striking a conversation with them about their clothes and themselves!

    That is what makes us SUPA happy, the fact that we can have this conversation with you for example makes us feel so connected to the world, to different opinions and ideas that we honestly are sending you a HUGE ENORMOUS highstreetq8 hug and sending you the hair fairy to bless your days with amazing hair all week LONG!

  15. This makes me happy too
    *hug back at ya*

    Have a great weekend :)

  16. OMG! I LOVE this post!
    Those black studded wedges are TDG, where can I buy them in beirut please? I'll be waiting for reply <3

  17. Interesting conversation, girls you know that common sense is a false theory and thus should not be relied on. Anony: who are we to judge people + telling them what's appropriate to wear and what's not. Was encouraged to speak out as a child, so when something pretty is spotted it gets told so (hair cut, style, nail polish, shoes) who cares if its perceived as weird, what's weird is saying zilch. And those studded shoes are AWESOME.

  18. OMG!!!!!!!!!
    I was at the avenues and i saw uuu
    u were with alot of girls 9a7?
    u took this near phase 2 3ind dean and deluca!!!
    I was wearing harem pants with wedges, a bowlers hat and hermes braclets, u saw me?

  19. Everyone interetsed in purchasing these shoes:

    I am sorry, our lovely lady could not receall where they were from.
    :( except that they were bought in lebanon...
    however if you are interested in this type of shoe, Jeffrey Campbell makes awesome choices.

    girl with Bowler Hat:
    Yes, and I was taking pics of them like a maniac! Next time you decide to wear a BOWLER hat and HAREM pants and you see me...you should PROBABLY flag me down and let me take a picture!
    I vaguely rememeber seeing a bowler hat and harem pants combination at D&D because I later wrote about it in our competition http://highstreetq8.blogspot.com/2010/10/lanvin-hearts-h-rules.html

    ahahha ajeeeb!

    La LA LA La LALALA <----- Good hair day fairy spreading love to all you highstreeters out there!