Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bespoke Scavenger Hunt.

We posted a pic of an awesome little bespoke ring awhile back, well now we can give you treasure hunt details on how to find a store that will design you whatever ring your heart desires! Given to us by a great awesome beautiful highstreetq8 reader!
Ok so directions are as follows:
In Kuwait City, a complex owned by alghanim and across the street from "Maktabat elkuwait elwa6aniya". The whole street is supposedly full of Jewelry stores, once your inside ask for a Pakistani guy who makes Custom Made Jewelry and ta-da!

P.s sorry about not posting, it was a hectic week and we were busy getting bday presents from all our amazing beautiful fashionable friends.

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  1. LOOOVe this ring! thank you highstreeeeeeet!