Thursday, October 28, 2010


OOOO LOOOK!!! Our twitter bud @DelicatelyReal* rocked a similar look to our Chanel 'n'Pinkberry girl Click HERE!

(We hope that she was inspired at least partially by
Shirt: Zara (our lady proclaimed "BEST PURCHASE EVER")
(are those some Cartier and Hermes bracelets we spy with our little eye Mrs. DelicatelyReal? Someone out there must love you berry berry much....!!!)
Her scarf is from JF scarves, soon to be sold at 52 Degrees! WOOO-to the mother freakin'-HOOOO! You can also check that out HERE!
P to the S peeps, you can check out our ladies blog here!


  1. Yes i was TOTALLY inspired by ur post .. I had forgotten about this shirt and it was way back in the closet ... but it always makes a comeback every season ;)

    And yup ur right baby pink Hermes & Cartier bracelets ... good eye Highstreetq8, our favourite fashionista !!

  2. Wow , I love it so simple and classy