Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pechakucha Kuwait

Good morning you gorgeous lovelies ! If you went to Pechakucha last week you will know a few things:
1. It was a cluster#uck.
2. You learned how to actually PRONOUNCE the word.
3. You will have remembered that Highstreetq8 gave an awesome, albeit super cracked out presentation last time, on fashion and self expression and the power of positivity *ahem ahem*. You can see it here.
4. People looked HOT!
We didn't have time to ask everyone what they were wearing because it was such a busy busy event...but we snapped on the sly:

Have a great weekend all! See you next week. Love you more then we love sample sales.


  1. Love your blog!:)

  2. hi im a silent reader
    can u show us ur work-chic style,pls ^_^
    ~~~new employe metwahga

    oh forget to say a-m-a-z-i-n-g BLOG

  3. Dear Mary!
    Just checked our your blog again! It is amazing! Thanks for the support girl! Are you really based out of Italy? How did you hear about highstreetq8???
    Dear Zaina,

    Thank you so much! I normally dont put myself up on highstreetq8, a. because I dont consider myself a fashionista, and b. because I am much more interested in what everyone else is wearing. But I did post a pic of me awhile ago in my casual work wear... I will probably post a link to my work outfit tommorow since I am sort of excited about it.
    -have a fab hairday girls

  4. highstreetq8, ur an inspiration urself! totally loveeee ur website! im addicted :)

  5. Dear Anon,

    AWWWW I AM ADDICTED TO YOU, whoever you are!! Thank you for your kind kind words, these things honestly make my day.

  6. Great blog you got, Highstreet. :-)

  7. no more pin stripe suitsOctober 10, 2010 at 6:02 PM

    really awesome blog...such fun to go through after a long day at work! will continue to check in everyday :) but yes some more work wear ideas pleaase for those of us who dont have the luxury of casual work chic..sigh..and need to express ourselves in suits and cardigans..:)