Monday, October 25, 2010

A La Française

Had brunch with some lovely girl friends at Brasserie De L'Etoile this weekend (awesome food by the way). Something about the place inspires an all around frenchy-ness to come out of it's patrons. Maybe it's the the red velvet, the waitstaff uniform, the plume of cigarette smoke, or the french parlour music that inspired this lovely lady to throw on a polka dotted blue Topshop dress! Whatever the reason and whatever the cuisine, a simple dress with great details is a fabulous choice for your brunching needs! Especially if your in DIRE need of your morning cup of Joe (for whatever reason...teehee) and don't have the energy or time to think about what to wear!

p.s dress available now at Topshop Kuwait, there is also a really nice white and black option with some exact sleeve detail at H&M, but it is a bodycon dress. So check it out there if you are looking for a slinkier option.

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  1. Agreed great french food, great dress, great G...