Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Remember the post we did about Kuwait appropriate clothing, and one reader commented about shorts and another said if she saw a guy wearing shorts at Salhiya she would also be like WTF? Well here we have a dude in shorts and a funny little shirt, at Salhiya. We personally have no problem with it, we think, he may have REALLY needed to pop into Cartier to buy his hottie wife a Love Bracelet after Chalet. That's kind of cool, and very devil may care. He bought his shirt from a sample sale in NY and his shorts, well we don't know. He sort of was on the phone the whole time and we feared he may think we were hitting on him so we just sort of snapped and walked away.
p.s Folsom Prison Blues is the song du jour.
p.p.s we didnt get fired.


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