Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shoesie Sunday!

YAYAYA time for Shoesy Sunday. But we have to be honest, after this Halloween weekend, it's like we sort of feel "meh" about regular clothes. Halloween is THE BEST FREAKING HOLIDAY IN THE WORLD. The fact that for one day you can wear whatever you WANT is just...insanely amazing. We propose that we make a monthly costume day, rather then "casual Friday" it should be "dress-up-like-a-pumpkin-if-you-want- to -Friday"! Oh how beautiful and colorful your day would be if rather then wearing slacks to work you put on furry pants and bunny ears. How much more productive if on the day of a cut throat meeting, you dressed up like a ninja assassin...and handed out your cards as if they were ninja stars. Can someone tell us WHY we dont do this, really just one good reason?

Well in conclusion here are so cute boots, shoes and a vintage clutch. That'll brighten up your day!

Aldo Boots

Random purchase LA

Zara shoes
LV bag
* Dior vintage clutch from @danaHT

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  1. How old is the bag ? Are you sure it's dior?