Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aziz Al Mudhaf Part.1

Is it just us, or is Kuwait turning very artsy fartsy on us? OH OH OH dont get us wrong, we COULDNT be freakin happier! This whole week has been a gallery opening this, Nuqat that, solo exhibit BONANZA! Makes us feel alive and proud to be part of a growing community of individuals who are expressing themselves in such poignant ways.
Aziz Al Mudhaf's art is larger then life, haunting and wildly personal without being obnoxiously narcissistic! We wish you all the best you gorgeous boy you!
So other then the art, the highlight of the next two posts is as follows, the insane amount of Loubis, Maison Martin Margiela, Zana Bayne harnesses and Helmut Lang jewelry. Oh and our favorite fashion part of the evening? We asked a great boy in some tapered trousers where he got them from and he said "Hennes & Mauritz !!!" NOT H&M! AHHAHAHAHA AJEEB! And guess what, no matter what you call it it goes to show you...it's not the amount of money you spend it's how you wear it!

Shoes: Louboutins

Bags: Hermes
Shoes: Custom splattered by worn by one of our favorite local designers Aziz Al Nasrallah!


  1. omg ! am i the only one who can tell that there are fake (taqleed) stuff in those pics ? :p

  2. REALLY?
    We couldnt tell... :(
    Can bet money the bags arent fake...but which items are you talking about and how can you tell (would love to learn the tricks of spotting fakes.)

  3. Yes, those flabby bags are fake !
    first of all, they're not carrying/using them correctly (the lock on the bag on the right shouldn't be there like that) when you purchase your bag at the store they show you what you can do with it and apparantly they don't because they purchased it from China lol

    the width/thickness is not correct
    the leather should be a little more stiff and not wavy at the sides like the bag on the left
    and look at the base of the bags ! it should be straight !
    that shows the low quality of the leather

    plus the sewing line of the bag is just wrong ! it looks like it's been done by a machine when Hermes do all their stuff by hand (professionally)

    it's got fake written all over it girl :D bet it won't look like the original inside as well

    it just sucks that i saved and waited to get mine and girls out there are carrying fakes, it sucks even more that a girl walked towards me in a mall and said that "omg! your Hermes looks so real ! where did you buy it from??" i got soooo pissed that because of the fakes out there people are thinking that mine is fake too !

    but hey i don't give a damn, at least i know i got the original that's good enough for me (me going to hug my bag now)

  4. MEEP! " it sucks even more that a girl walked towards me in a mall and said that "omg! your Hermes looks so real ! where did you buy it from??" <----omg we would DIE and KILL.

    WE TOTALLY understand about fakes WALLAH WE do...
    but maybe it's the picture quality because we know these girls from school, family names and etc...
    and maybe call us naive but we really dont think they would buy a fake bag...
    they are super classy girls.

    Again we are not saying your wrong, AT ALL. We admit we dont know much about the particulars of the Birkin or the Kelly (not something we ever where interested in carrying). But we must say for the record that we know these girls, and trust us if anyone can afford to buy these bags it's those two.

    The only two scenarios that make it ok for someone to carry a Birkin is as follows:
    1. If you or the person gifting it to you can afford to without thinking twice.
    2. If you can afford to by saving for a few months (as you did), no skin of your back.

    You know what we hate more then fakes though? Is when we see someone carrying a real Birkin and know that they had probably saved for three years to buy it or took out a loan! No item of clothing is worth that, fashion is FUN! Buy what you can afford, dont settle for less (fakes) and be happy in your own skin! That's our ethos!

    p.s the image of you hugging your Birkin brigthened our day!

    Have a great day!

  5. i love how you comment .. it's like watching a funny Japanese anime movie ^__^ so cute

    i know girls too who CAN afford one but they don't wanna be on the waiting list and want it NOW and want more than one color so they look for the best fake ones they can find and NO ONE will find out because they're well known for always wearing the original stuff and they can get away with that.

    tell u a secret .. i never bought fake stuff but i did it once buying those silver and gold Cartier bracelets just because it wasn't worth buying the original ones when EVERYONE is wearing the copied 20KD ones and they looked REAL .. and guess what, no one questioned me because they know i'm not a fake-stuff shopper and no one found out but i felt so cheap wearing them i swear !

    i was like cheapening the rest of the things i wear and felt soooo fake (i wonder how women with breast implants feel lol) so those bracelets rest in peace in a hotel room in Paris where i left them not feeling guilty (plus -after so many hints and trials- my hubby bought me a nice Tiffany's necklace as a honeymoon present and told me to leave those fake stuff for whoever finds them, me so luckyyyy)

    anyway, i'm giving my Birkin to my mom as soon as i recieve my Lindy .. yaay !

    i REALLY hope they don't copy that too, ugh !