Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aziz Al Mudhaf Part. 2

Look at this face above! Memorize it, because seriously if your not lucky enough to have met this amazing human being now is your chance! What fascinates us about him is this, JUST look at his face, look at the genuine sweetness that exudes from this young genius' smile and then look at his hauntingly brilliant art. Mr. Al Mudhaf, we are proud to know you, be part of your creative insanity and to enjoy your first solo exhibit. So proud in fact we are going to steal your Zana Bayne harness, as um memorabilia...not because we are going to um...wear it.
Harness: Zana Bayne
(p.s Also spotted a simpler version at Topshop Kuwait 3 weeks ago)

Belt: Four Boutique

Shoes: Vintage
Shirt: Zara Rolled up tapered pants and shoes: H&M
Leather Dress and Leggings (not shown) : Maison Martin Margiela
Dress: Reiss


  1. i would sOooOOOoOOOoOOOooooooooo wear that harness. ABEEE

  2. Hi Anonymous -

    Read about the designer here and her link is attached!


    Happy Shopping


  3. thanks B, hmmm - slight problem, we got similar taste

  4. Anonymous -

    haha that is not a problem at all - hop aboard!


  5. The vintage shoes pic is soooooooo freakin' H.O.T!!!
    I also am in love with the leather dress with the zippers on the side; amazing!!

    but the piece that got me drooling all over for DAYS now, is the harness! GOD, it's DAMAR ShAMIL!!!!!!!!!

    hahaha! ma sha Allah, la y9eer fee willa Aziz shy bs! looool