Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to Accessorize your WRIST

We feel like the WRIST for men is a VASTLY under appreciated part of their body, yet it is the one that gets the most accessories at work , the cuff, the cuff links and the watch. Whilst most men focus on their ties/shirt/blazer combination you would be surprised at what a well done "wrist" says about you...
This is a perfect wrist for us, color coordinating the face of the watch with the lapis cuff link is awesome and classy, while the cuff itself brings a bit of funkiness to the mix!

Shirt: Paul Smith
Lapis Cuff links: Saks Fifth Avenue (New York)
Watch: Tag * we loooove the color*

* we decided we wanted to do this post in Japanese-y english, but then decided it was WAY to early for that much effort...teehee.

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