Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Highstreetq8 is in the most amazing city right now staring at the most AMAZING view! But just because we are on VAYCAY (HAY HAAAAY) don't mean we cant post our AMAZING H&M PICTURE SUBMISSIONS!

Here are the finalists below! Check to make sure the image has the "H&M LOOK" title and vote for your favorite looks by clicking the facebook "like" tab/button near the post title! You can vote for as many as you like but remember you can only vote for each picture once! Good luck to the WINNER!
p.s tsk tsk men we only got ONE freaking picture from the boys, so congrads Mr.YT you won your picture will be posted at the end of the Competition!



  1. wee3, men sijkum? the photos are beyond nasty and gross. mako creativity, fashion, hotness, alude, attitude - NOTHING, don't even wanna know what the LoooOooOOOoooooser pics are like. please fix this

  2. Hmm girlie we disagree we love everyone's use of perosnal style from the more classical look to mixing fringe with a suede maxi skirt.
    If you have a seriously different opinion then ours, we suggest you do one of following:
    -Send us pictures of what you think is "non" loserish fashion i.e of yourself! We love to receive user submissions!
    -Give us a more constructive critique about what exactly you do not like! We love to hear different opinions but only when they are constructive!
    Domo Arigatto *we are seriously inspired by japan right now*

  3. the only one that looked alive was the chich with the fringe jacket and skirt.. that one deserved to be in the category.. usually i get paid to stage a shoot, unless it's for a personal portfolio. what about the guys?? why aren't the lads getting a shot?

  4. Hello again girlie!
    The boys did get a shot! And only one guy sent us a picture. :(
    Just to make sure we are clear on the competition, users sent us pictures and we told the boys that there would be a seperate prize for the men's section. Unfortunetly only one boy joined so we are awarding him the prize and we shall post his outfit the day we announce the winners!
    Good luck with everything!

  5. First : a msg to the Anonymous person who was the first to comment here : shut up

    and 2nd : YAAAAY !! IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING TOMORROW ! the war is so oooon lol

  6. bel3ax the I love the outfits! they all looked very stylish and creative..keep up the good work!

  7. Anonymous, we all respect your poin of view, but you could have expressed your thoughts in a better way, instead of attacking the girls with your harsh comment!!