Monday, November 29, 2010

Camel Cape are you all? Did you miss us? We missed you. But now, if you reading this dont walk RUN and go get yourself a camel hued cape. WE are obsessed with cape trend, and getting it in an ever so fashionable neutral like camel will make it a super functional peice. The fab thing is you can totally mix and match it with just about anything, when your central peice is in this color. Camel is awesome, camel is strong, camel can totally take you above and beyond. YAY camel...we heart you and this beautiful girl with the awesome sense of mixing highstreet items (this cape) with stolen high end from her mom...teehee.

Shirt: Donna Karen (her mom's a little big so she belted it...)
Belt:  Zara
Cape: Zara


  1. I recently bought this camel cape and i love how it goes with everything...

    but i strongly do not recommend it for walks in cold weather... lel asaf it provides zero protection against the cold... just fine for the weather in Q8 now but not suitable for real winter weather abroad :`(

  2. I'm dying to get my hands on one of these capes but its sold out in Zara Kuwait :(
    I only found the black one at the Avenues but the camel is more versatile!

  3. Deja vu :)))

  4. where can i get a camel cape with a reasonable price ? help.

  5. Dear Zabo0o6a and Anon #2 I am going to seriously try to find you all another option in Kuwait. Going to hit the stores tomo!
    Anon with the photobucket link! DUDE that is NUTS
    it is like THE EXACT same what a styling girl!

  6. my brother got me the black one from ZARA London ,, they r sold out very quick! i was dying 2 get the one in camel but my cousin who was in Paris told me that it was sold out even there! for the black one i was thinking of paring it wth a black leather skinny pants or a grey one wth a white blouse .. i wnt some other funky ideas ,, help!

  7. Nouf:
    a. your brother is a one fashionable sweetie.
    b. The sky's the limit. We are on a bit of cutie kick, so we would pair it with a midlength pleated a-line skirt,textured stockings,a loose blouse tucked into skirt and high heeled oxfords. But the sky is the limit like we said. You can have it take center stage by pairing it with a solid colored neutral shift dress or let it take backstage by wearing it with a patterned or bright shift dress. Other options include just throwing it on with a pair of tailored jeans. We are not sure how it would look with a wide legged pant, but we think if you elevate it with heels and keep the top fitted it may actually work really well.
    Have fuuuun!!