Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kuwait's American Apparel?

Ok. So Bhasin is an art director's dream. With military uniforms, hats, badges, whistles and the fastest in house khaya6 (tailor) left of blockat (fabric district). Recently though I noticed something, they have hella cute 100 % cotton men's stripe-y shirts for, wait for it 2 KWD! They also have polo shirts in every color...cute towels and caps. The best news is? It is DIRT cheap, and extremely well made! Who woulda thunk it?

How to wear long skirts

I could go on and on about this look. But really, it just speaks for itself. It is modern, stylish it is SO personal. I wish you could have seen her cute little studded hat as well. It is just a Lady B success! I love how she rocks her shoes with little white socks.
Tshirt: Kain
Blazer: H&M
Skirt: Vintage :( I want.
Shoes: Givenchy

Sporty Chic

I am not, um sporty at all. My idea of sneakers are a pair of Alexender Mcqueen Pumas that I bought ( sadly ) even though it was a size smaller then my foot. However, looking like you came out of the gym has come a looooong way from the Juicy sweatpant-ed days of yore ( shudder ). Cool baggy harem pants, kickass neon sneakers, sweatpant-like silhouettes with platforms and blazers.
Check out these lovely people whom were found on the streets of Kuwait looking very "get up and go".

On Girl:
Shirt: Silence and Noise Pants (Urban Outfitters)
Pants: Denim Co.
Sandals: Aldo
Bag: Chanel
Watch: Christain Dior

On Boy:
Shirt: Zegna
Bag: Atsumi
Shoes: New Balance


This is a classic case of "cool by association" .  We all know that  pairing highstreet finds with designer pieces  makes the highstreet finds look more expensive. But HIGHSTREETQ8 says that it also makes the high end stuff look cooler, more casual and updated. I mean anyone can pair a Birkin with some Loubi's ala Beckham. But pairing it was some carelessly cool Milano studded sandals and Velvet leggings? Or French Sole flats with a no name brand bag and Zara oversized peepers? That is Highstreet Heaven.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Picture care of Madame Dill
Personal style is all about avoiding the matchy matchy thing, unless of course you are a Harajuku girl and have decided to dress up like Sailor Moon, then yes I salute your consistency. This lovely lady has got mixing and matching down to a science! Note her flowery skirt, with the cool sleekness of her Uterque ( p.s if you haven't heard of Uterque, SHAME on you...the higher end franchise boutique from our friends at Zara) cuff. Just so interesting and multilayered is our lovely girl!
blazer: Zara
skirt: Topshop
cuff: Uterque
shoes: miumiu

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Personal Style-Defined

So this is what I mean by personal style. I own a Longchamps bag, in neon pink and black, and I only use it as a gym bag or as a "just in case I buy too much stuff" bag while I am traveling (which is almost always handy). I see some people carrying it around as an everyday bag and I am like "um really?". Then this little stylish mama comes around...and it's like she completely redefined the bag for me. She makes it look so chic, so effortlessly cool. With her amazing vintage white loafers, feisty scarf and fantastic jacket. It's just spot on, and so personal. I am so pulling my black one out TONIGHT. Thank you lovely lady.

Scarf- Ann Taylor

Jacket- Ann taylor

Leggings- H&M

Shoes- Armani vintage shoes

Purse – Long Champs

*thank you Little Hani for snapping this shot*

Highstreet Chic with a touch of the DIY

This little lady was spotted at my friends office. She is adorabla-lay. I keep seeing her from a far, and today I walked into the office and just told her point blank. High StreetQ8 Photo Shoot TIME DESU! Not only did she agree, but she even wrote me her entire outfit on a piece of paper and handed it to me before she left. People SHE MADE HER NECKLACE! and it is KAAAUUUTAAAAYY!
Outfit Details according to little miss worker bee chic:
Buttoned up vest worn as top: Anne&Frank (Canadian Brand)
Black Cardigan: Forever 21
Caramel Skirt: H&M
Necklace- Semi Precious stone (onyx) MADE BY WEARER!

Shanghai and Lady B

Lady B and her Shanghai finds are making me consider selling my kitty in the black market for a ticket (NOOOO BOWIEE...I iz JOKING). So, I am so digging these "jeggings"- the perfect marriage of comfort and body-con. Lady B's style is the perfect marriage of high street and high end fab.

Jeggings: Rando Highstreet purchase from Shanghai
Shirt: Ivy Denim
Black Tee: JCrew (oh I love how you mix this ever so preppy label into your funky-freshness)
Flats: Lanvin


Spotted by Sir N: Om Ahmed
The higher end of highstreet, but love nonetheless.. its the shoes that are driving me MAD with envy.

Jeans: True Relgion
Cardigan: Mink Pink
T-Shirt: Enzo Costa
Shoes: Valentino Beach Slippers

Monday, March 22, 2010

Work Chic

We all know how important it is to look good at work in Kuwait. Whomever tells you they buy the bulk of their fashion wardrobe at Jil Sander or Armani is prolly fibbing just a little. Take a cue from this little fashionista...dressed almost head to toe in highstreet which she pairs with some killer subtle bling. Serious high five to LITTLE HANI for just rockin my world with this post.

Top- Massimo Dutti

Pants- Zara

Shoes- Zara

Cardigan- Bedo


Ring- Vintage

Horse shoe-Necklace- Nada’s jewelry

Diamond-Necklace- Cartier

Ring- Tiffany

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sir N feeling "colorful"

Sir N, is apppuuuurently feelin' colorful today. We see colors! We sooo happy! But more-so we love your mix and match sensibilities!

Jeans: Odear (same brand as his acid wash jeans)
Shirt: American Apparel
Blazer: Costume National
Shoes: Repetto (and he just bought them, and he is never taking them off)

Doggy Style

Meet Lady Lulujim. Stylin her Lab Fab look in a Bottega Key Chain. Not exactly high street cutie BUT your are one hot B*tch so we couldn't help sharing.

Freebies as Highstreet? Why Not?

So AG, has wowed Highstreet yet again. But this time with a rather snazzy lookin' watch. After further inquiry about said watch, Highstreet was shocked and amazed to find that it was an Emirates Air (freebie? gift from a stewdaress? Highstreet awaits the full story)
But paired with his rather preppy chic Massimo Dutti button down, we find this look as quircky as the man himself. Which in essence is what personal style is all about.

Good Job A.G


So, Happy Mother's Day if you own a Flower Shop you are taking me out to dinner. As I was waiting in the most raaandom Flower Shop today, I spotted this girl. Ok...I spotted her bag, and her shoes and everything. She was very very very shy about letting me take her pic, and after lots of wrangling she agreed to pose with her purse. But can you spy her little floral haram pants? Does she know how good she looked walking into that godforsaken flower store?

The story of her bag is as such , vintage lacroix that was given to her by her granny. How...f'ing CUTE!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vintage Lace

There once was a Lady named B, who was so hot can't you see? Vintage Skirt and Lace Bodysuit she was so heaven-ly.

Top: Topshop Lace Bodysuit (p.s comes in Nude)
Skirt: Vintage

My Sister and her vest.

My sister is my fashion ICON. She is beautiful. She used to dress me up when I was a kid. I think I got all my quirkiness and confidence in my style from her. Although looking back perhaps her advice wasn't always all that great....

CIRCA 1989

The players:

Loons as a know it all tween.
Moi as an adoring 5 year old

Loons: You know what you should do today? You should dress up like Marilyn Monroe and go down to Diywaniya and say hi to baba...HERE I EVEN HAVE A BLONDE WIG FOR YOU AND MAMA'S CHIFFON DRESS....
Moi: SURE!

(End Flashback. Commencing crying and I need therapy mode. )

Vest: Sandro (a great little brand that she really likes, she bought this vest three seasons ago I think and it is still SPOT on)

Menswear + Vintage + Suspenders= HIGH FIVE

GASP. When my fashion high-fiver and goddess fashionista sister sent me this pic of a girl she spotted at the Avenues I almost made the CRYING.
TOP: Topman (she is sooo coool...)
Pants: River Island
Shoes: Jaeger
BAG: Vintage Find (Alligator skin awesomeness from a vintage store in New York City...)


Friday, March 19, 2010

Stripes and Florals.

Oh Madame Dill. This little lady was spotted on her way to granny's what else but high street fab.
Top: H&M
Pants: Topshop *p.s lovely lady are these Kate Moss for Topshop pants?*
Necklace: Cacharel
Vest: "model's own"
and shoes lest we forget? Giuseppe Zanotti
Ok so, goes without saying stripes are in....but instead of being all sailory and crappy, Madame Dill roughs it up with a denim vest and then softens it back with this pwetty rittle neckrace.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Acid Wash Jean HEAVEN

So AG, MEET SIR N! Here is a perfect example of high street mixed with high end. Sir N is spotted going to work in Odeor Pants, H&M Blazer, and oh my dear MIU MIU shoesies. This man, get's dressed in the dark that is how amazing his wardrobe is. Acid Wash jean HEAVEN!

Reaaalllly AG? REAAALLY?

AG? SUUUURIESLY? Not so fun...although I do spy with my little eye something that might look like cool shoes? Maybe...

Glittery Socks with Flats!

Imagine my suprise, when one day after starting this blog I ran into high street maven/toni and guy hairdresser. This little pixie is dressed in a warehouse brocade dress, primark belt and the cutest little topshop socks! I am in the love with this little street chic goddess. Although I would re-think the shoesies...but that's just my opinion what d'ya think?

Shoesies We Love

We are obsessed with Lady B's cutie little Feeties. I feel like you can only pull shoes like that off if your a size 36 or Japanese.

All meet Lady B, her passion for da fashion is awesome. I am completely in love with her little shoesies, purchased in some Shanghai rando store for cheapies! But soooo adorable. Citizen of Humanity awesome possum jeans make me wanna paint my wall pink and then splatter more pink on it. Awesome bracelets that can be purchased at Pink Moon...!