Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Sister and her vest.

My sister is my fashion ICON. She is beautiful. She used to dress me up when I was a kid. I think I got all my quirkiness and confidence in my style from her. Although looking back perhaps her advice wasn't always all that great....

CIRCA 1989

The players:

Loons as a know it all tween.
Moi as an adoring 5 year old

Loons: You know what you should do today? You should dress up like Marilyn Monroe and go down to Diywaniya and say hi to baba...HERE I EVEN HAVE A BLONDE WIG FOR YOU AND MAMA'S CHIFFON DRESS....
Moi: SURE!

(End Flashback. Commencing crying and I need therapy mode. )

Vest: Sandro (a great little brand that she really likes, she bought this vest three seasons ago I think and it is still SPOT on)


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