Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Personal Style-Defined

So this is what I mean by personal style. I own a Longchamps bag, in neon pink and black, and I only use it as a gym bag or as a "just in case I buy too much stuff" bag while I am traveling (which is almost always handy). I see some people carrying it around as an everyday bag and I am like "um really?". Then this little stylish mama comes around...and it's like she completely redefined the bag for me. She makes it look so chic, so effortlessly cool. With her amazing vintage white loafers, feisty scarf and fantastic jacket. It's just spot on, and so personal. I am so pulling my black one out TONIGHT. Thank you lovely lady.

Scarf- Ann Taylor

Jacket- Ann taylor

Leggings- H&M

Shoes- Armani vintage shoes

Purse – Long Champs

*thank you Little Hani for snapping this shot*


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