Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kuwait's American Apparel?

Ok. So Bhasin is an art director's dream. With military uniforms, hats, badges, whistles and the fastest in house khaya6 (tailor) left of blockat (fabric district). Recently though I noticed something, they have hella cute 100 % cotton men's stripe-y shirts for, wait for it 2 KWD! They also have polo shirts in every color...cute towels and caps. The best news is? It is DIRT cheap, and extremely well made! Who woulda thunk it?


  1. Duder,
    Bhasin is like THE place to get EVERYTHING from...
    I know a friend who got her house staff clothes from there. Hot pink polo shirts with cargo pants, cool jackets, shoes, etc.
    Or, when you have a brother that goes into the army and buys all of his supplies from there.


  2. i want the striped shirt- i'd cut off the collar..

  3. Dude, American Apparel is hella expensive.

  4. her house staff sounds better dressed than me !

  5. where is it located?!

  6. Dear Anon,

    Bhasin is located in Kuwait city, if you take the 30 all the way down, take a left after the 1st ring road (as though you are going to Khaleejiya) take a left on the first roundabout you see (if you go right you will go to AlRaya). Once you take the left park anywhere Bhasin will be on your right. If you get to another roundabout you have gone to far.
    -Have a great hair day!
    xoxoxo back at ya