Friday, April 2, 2010

The vacay shoe issue.

You know those finds you buy on vacation? You think your TOTALLY going to rock that tiki lamp sarong or that batik vest or heaven forbid... vacay rasta braids. But these highstreet or no name brand shoe choices are totally worthwhile souvenirs! And hey, the sure as hell beat snow globes.

For an AMAZINGLY inexpensive 7KWD (24 bucks), you get to take a fashionable reminder of your vacay days in the sun!

From a RANDOM boutique in Paris. WE love. Love. LOOOVE. Sexy and funky fresh...very very cool!


  1. woah. i want. now.

    -l (going to sign with one initial so i can be just like f)

  2. i LOVE the green heels!

  3. LOVE the green heels

  4. nicolas kirkwood green shoes <3