Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thoub Girl Strikes Back!

One must never undermine the social constructs of where one lives. Whilst women in Europe or the US can easily flaunt (or taunt us) with their assets on a hot day via short shorts and tank tops....we must consider the boundaries of religious and social constructs and adopt a more appropriate way of dressing. Highstreetq8 loves the women (and men) of our region because whether good or bad (this aint no political blog, and we never judge) these sort of constructs breed a certain level of creativity!

And contrary to what people in the west may think, that we are all sitting around clutching our black polyester abaya's crying into our tea, as we stare out our windows waiting for prayer call we have a sense of humour and we ain't afraid to use it. Ladies and GENTS proof positive of how much we rock (and how much we love George Michael)

A "You Gotta Have Faith" custom made prayer thoub (traditional prayer dress, used for you guessed it...praying) and Chanel inspired prayer rug. WE love you girls for this, We love you so so so much.
Thoub are the bomb.


  1. Unfortunetly she DOES NOT sell them. She made it for a friend as a very personal gift. However we may have to ask her to start!

  2. you might not wana use the word thoub and bomb in the same sentence !!!!!
    hahahaha just kidding. i love it ! and i love ur blog.


  3. as much as i'd personally rather use plain old regular thoub, this is pretty creative!

  4. passion for fashionJuly 14, 2010 at 1:20 PM

    so creative!love it.
    and love your blog on this one;)