Thursday, April 29, 2010

Repeat MJ shoes in WHITE!

Dont you just looooooove how you can see an item of clothing and be like "wow that's pretty cool but I dont know..." then two seconds later you see someone rocking it so seamlessly and you unconsciously find yourself reaching for your credit card and your car keys?
Highstreetq8 OBVI-ously fell in love with these shoes in black, when they were rocked by a cool dude, but then our love for them became obsessive when we saw this AMAZING girl rocking them so casually at a freaking starbucks with leggings! We love these shoes, like Henry loved June, like Paris loved Helen of Troy, and like Rhett Butler loved Scarlet O'Hara (until he was over her Beeeatchness). We will never get over you beautiful MJ replica shoes....we heart you forever even after studded loafers are a thing of the past, we will still love you.


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