Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lemme Upgrade Ya, Upgrade Ya!

So I can only assume how this happened, this insanely awesome outfit. Lady B wakes up and spies her brother's Valley Forg Military school grey tee that had been gifted to her. She decides, "hey haven't worn this in awhile....neither have I rocked my gorg brocade Phillip Lim skirt...hmmmm...."
And this is how outfit genius is born people, do not be scared! Do not fear! Dont like the cutsie girlie clips on your Lanvin flats? Rip them off and add a cute pair of socks....Lady B, you are a shining beacon of fashion fun and highstreet salutes you!
Skirt: 3.1 Philip Lim
Tee: (totally guessing here) last minute purchase made by brother at Valley Forg's Bookstore
Socks: B's Bro
Flats: Lanvin (sans the overly girlie accessories, which have been ripped off)


  1. hmm...not sure i like this combination..

  2. Dear Sumsuum!

    We thank you for your honesty! We love unexpected things at highstreetq8, because we love fearlessness when it comes to fashion. Ofcourse, not everything will suit everyone... naturally one must listen to one's one fashion instincts! Above all a sense of ones own personal style to us, is the determining factor of a successful outfit! We love Lady B's own brand of style, and we love you for sharing!
    Have a fantastical day!

  3. p.s mind the insanely large amoung of exclamation marks we used whilst posting this comment.
    We are not on uppers, we are just always really excited!

  4. Oh my god I knew a few guys who went to Valley Forge... Ewwwwwww hahaa

  5. That looks horrible! I wouldnt allow my worst enemy to wear it. the cheap shoes the horrible combinations... DISASTER and high street does not salute you

  6. Dear Anon!

    Thank you so much for browsing our little blog! We appreciate your (meeeep) brutally honest opinion! Just a few clarifications:

    1. Shoes are DEF not cheap, Lanvin baby...Lanvin.

    2. Highstreet does in fact salute this lovely lady for her ability to think outside the box, and look so cute and personal.

    3. You bring up a really good point about personal style, what makes a good outfit and what different people's opinion. We are very curious, to what extent a person can flaunt their personal style while still meshing into the line drawn with a grey tshirt and brocade skirt(as pictured above) ? Or is the line drawn when you seize to follow fashion magazines? OOOOORR are you allowed to wear bubble wrap around your breasts with a tin foil hat and have people just smile and appreciate your nuttiness?
    I would love to hear your opinion!
    Have a great hair day and thank you kindly from the bottom of our hearts for your comments!

  7. i love this outfit, very teen vogue, but im sorry to say the shoes dont do it for me. but if i saw this girl in this outfit in public i would totally comment on how great it is. no need to negatively comment on the shoes. style is personal you know.. if she loves it then its fabulous