Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vintage Glasses in Hamra

Highstreetq8 NEVER posts pictures up of themselves, but for these glasses we made an exception!

Walking down the streets of Hamra last week, we spotted this amazing little store selling vintage sunglasses and eyeglasses on the cheap! We became OBSESSED. Not only is the gentlemen who owns and runs the store hilariously and heart-warmingly in love with vintage eyeglasses, but his daughter is the resident eye doctor so this little hole in the wall gave us an all-over feel good vibe.

For a 120 bucks we bought a pair of vintage glasses AND prescription lenses. We also convinced our fellow highstreeter friend to do the same! Viva Vintage!


  1. hello.

    Is this store in kuwait? =D

  2. YUUB;p
    same Q: is it in kuwait ?!


  3. Hello sorry all,

    No the store is actually in Hamra, Beirut. A great idea though, and we would definitely benefit from having a vintage glasses store in kuwait.