Sunday, April 25, 2010

Highstreetq8 shoesies and MORE

Rachel Comey (kickstart ze "obsession") Shoes now available in Darat Al Zuhoor exhibition! woohoo!
Manolo Blahniks dont need to be 7 inchs high to be amazing. C'est ca la proof. collection shoes for men. We love the comfort and espardrilles (Lady B , you are my fashion dictionary!) inspired soles, great little shoe for cheaaaap! (available now at in ethnic print, for 7kwd...cannot be BEAT boys)

Muthana collection. I understand this may not be to everyone's liking, but we do have fashionable men out there who have to wear a traditional N3al (above) for diwaniya or what have you. Check out Muthana Mall's plethora of N3al's. And you gotta love them for their cool pop art!
For the discerning CEO who yearns to express himself but cannot openly, try a little quirky cheekiness underneath your dishdasha. Feelin' a little frisky? Wear the Sunday socks on a >GASP< TUESDAY!


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