Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The price we pay.

So I received an interesting set of pics today from Sir N. A huge box from asos, and then his new shoes. So listen, if you haven't checked out Asos, then you cannot possibly understand why I am disappointed in the size of this package. This shopping HAVEN is just chock full of amazing highstreet and designer brands for both men and women. They have all sorts of fun stuff, and this is an especially good website for those of you living in the western hemisphere. Reason being, that Asos sells a lot of pieces from amazing European highstreet stores like River Island, Oasis, etc ! Well now you can get a big packaged delivered to your door, also. Thanks Sir N, and awesome shoes!


  1. ASOS doesnt sell All Saints..

  2. my asos order was shown the boot, they claimed delivery to forwarding mail company was not allowed :// HELP