Monday, April 12, 2010

Ok so we are cheating, a LITTLE.

The only highstreet item this girl is wearing is her t-shirt, and even then it's in that grey area (James Perse). I spotted her at random, and she was kind enough to pose for the pic, when I asked her if anything was from highstreet, she looked kind of sad as she shook her head.
We are putting her up here ANYWAY because she is AWESOME and she let us snap away.


  1. She looks fabulous even while being so casual! I simply adore the leather wrap t-shirt she's rocking. And the white leather Kelly- Yummy! I like that you put photos of people who look great even though it isn't high street, gives a different component to the website.

  2. Daloola, i agree with u.. i think it all boils down to personal style, as opposed to copy pasting the lastest look, regardless of whether it expresses who u r or not!

    High Five to this chica- really amazing outfit! xx