Saturday, April 24, 2010

Workwear Chic-Downtown Lebanon

Walking in the rain, in downtown Lebanon we spotted her. Her, because her smile, her little bow hair band, her personality shown in every inch of this undeniably understated yet adorable work outfit. She laughed when we asked her "highstreetq8 fashion shoot time" and said something about not looking good today. We choked and said, "WE BEG TO DIFFER HOT STUFF". She quickly became very proud of her outfit (and so are we), it's quirky creativity tinged with the cutest feminine touches (do you notice the cute floral lining on her shirt?), her favorite thing is her little clutch. We think we can't decide what is our favorite. Lovely lady, our only regret is that we didn't hug you for your awesome creativity.
Pants and belt: Random Store in Turkey
Clutch: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Marc Jacobs


  1. indeed this is a very lovely outfit and i bet the lady is too ;p

  2. this lovely lady is my sister ..... and guys you should see her shoes collection!!!!

  3. Dear Isabelle,

    She was an amazing sport. We spotted her just walking around downtown beirut after work, and she had such beautiful energy as well as the loveliest outfit! She was very sweet to us even though we were total strangers off the street! Tell her she is wonderful!

    Thank you!