Monday, April 12, 2010

Enter the "love" at first sight.

Spotted by Little Hani

This pic and chick, induced gasping hyperventallating , "badleea" inducing sounds to come out of me (hence the "Enter THE love at first sight"). Really need we comment on the perfection of this awesome outfit? NEEED WWWWWEEEEEE ? No we need only hunt her down and steal her pants...and shirt....and shoes even if they dont fit. We love you, blue pant-ed girl. We love Little Hani for her amazing service to Highstreetq8 and high quality pics of amazing fashionistas, keep sending those pics in!

Top: Aime Boutique London

Pants: Vintage London

Shoes: Vintage

1 comment:

  1. your my blue pant girll

    summer is in the air do doo doo