Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conservative Chic

So here we go, this is the answer my beautiful international readers, this is what a fashionable Muhajaba (woman who chooses to wear the head scarf for religious/social reasons) looks like.
FABULOUS and fashionable!
Spotted this girl walking with her friends at a local mall and chased after her, beamed a Highstreetq8 smile and got a few shots. We love how her outfit is conservative but very indicative of who she is as an individual. Very personal and stylish (looove the color combination and pants). We don't have to flaunt a lot of skin to be noticed, and we dont have to look like clones bathed in black polyster just because we may be conservative in the way we dress! Good Job Beautiful!


  1. Where is her outfit from? No detail? :(

  2. We are SOOO sorry about that, she said she didnt know, and that hopefully she will email us with full details. Didnt want to be searching her tags in front of the 360 afternoon crowd.


  3. she should've chosen a shirt tucked in to fully show the lovely pants w/o the outfit looking wayd i dunno :p,
    however to each their own style ;D

  4. she looks like a mess. A huge mess, I'm all for the cover up & look stylish thing. I myself am a mutahajeba enjoys to sand out.. But that right there is an eyesore & no one can pull it off. A big fashion no no.

  5. bil 3ax i applaud her for having her shirt out not in and not compromising what li7jab is. shirt out wayid astar and doesnt show her figure.

    Lana i know i suffer from this Its hard being "fashionable"whatever that means, while dressing conservatively.

    Fa mashallah 3laiha and inshallah you put more mit7ajbas on here.

    (The real kind not the skinny jeans tucked in shirt with buttons going to explode waist belt w/ stripper heels mit7ajbas)

  6. Dear Anon who thinks the girl looks like a huge mess....

    Here are the rules of constructive criticism:

    In order to impose your opinion (WHICH WE LOVE at HIGHSTREETq8) you have to explain your opinion. Simply saying "this is horrible" is not really the kind of feedback we are looking for at highstreetq8.

    Please continue giving us your opinion but being a little more constructive with your critiques and less judgmental if you could! If you do not like something, tell us why you dont in your opinion, give the girl/boy pointers we think that is a much healthier way to do things!
    Have a great hair day all!

  7. That's my friend! I'm so proud of her! :D