Saturday, April 24, 2010

Airport Awesome

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So, funny story. Highstreetq8 lugs 19 Aila Bags from Lebanon to Kuwait and in the interim has a little too much fun on the streets of Hamra. We look frazzled at the airport, we are wearing a now slightly wet leather jacket, boyfriend jeans, our hair is in a Japanese-y looking bun and our eyes are so tired we are all up in our vintage eyeglasses circa my grandmother. So we understand how weird we may look in our "busted-too-little-sleep" chic get-up telling a girl looking as hot as this lovely lady pictured above that we love her outfit. BUT SHE AGREED, do you know why? Because she LOVES HIGHSTREETq8! YAY!YAY!YAY!
Enough about us, she is wearing the COOLEST leather studded Etro vest and LnA tshirt. Not only that, WHAT ARE THOSE DESIGNS ON HER NECK AND WRIST? Temporary tattoos designed by Peter Philips and purchased at Chanel Paris! This is SO awesome and fun! It's so cheeky and very reminiscent of days spent tattoo-ing bubble gum wrapper heart's in front of Bakala's. We almost made the crying, but we realized we were too tired.
You are an awesome girl and the coolest sport!
Vest: Vintage Etro
T-shirt: LnA
Tattoos!: Chanel


  1. i LOVE her Vest!
    btw, do you have most of the shops you blog out in Kuwait ?
    La2na am visiting kuwait soon *finally after 3yrs* and i want someone to list me some really cool vintage/modern/retro shops =)


  2. Dearest NouRa,

    Ofcourse...give us a few days and we shall be creating a new tab with STORES WE LOVE. All the info shall be there inshallah. Let me know if you need it before I can email it directly to you!
    Have so much fun shopping!