Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Dishdasha TIME!

Nothing says winter time like a beautifully tailored winter dishdaaaaasha! It's like the final word on whether winter is here yet or not, you spot it and you suddenly feel colder, you remember snuggling up in garden tents with chestnuts roasting on the charcoal , not fainting everytime you get into your car (EVEN AT NOOON!) and in general just a fun time around these parts!

Winter we welcome thee!

 p.s to my boy readers, is it true that men shouldnt wear the winter dishdasha until they see the Emir doing it? Kind of like a no white shoes after labour day rule for westerners?

Awesome tailoring on this dishdasha Mr.Man we love the cuffs and the cufflinks!

Cufflinks: Debenhams
Watch: Tag
Dishdasha: Blockat Family Tailor.


  1. i like dark blue................

  2. still two days to go..

    the unofficial change date to winter dishdasha is Dec. 15th

  3. Do they wear a shirt beneath the dishdasha or what?

  4. No I think it is tailored to have that sleeve look. I will fidn out though!