Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twitter Love, or how to not live up to your twitter nickname.

As the world get's smaller and smaller, our connections with people become easier to make. The fact that almost 8 months ago we didnt know half the people we know now through blogging & tweeting makes us go "huh...interesting".

Love this beautiful twitter buddy's pics from @clearmess, I've never met her, never seen her in my life but I like sorting through the pieces of random things I do know through her tweets & style pics and constructing what I think this girl's story is like.

Her pieces are basic, yet put together in a unique, cosmopolitan and very edgy sort of way. Just goes to show you, that a striped shirt can always be MORE then just a striped shirt, and though cool people wear "I heart NY" shirts, cooler people know that a "NY HEARTS ME" garment says it much better!

  striped shirt from mango
 skirt from h&m.
suede booties - random boutique in paris
  Pants - unknown.
"NY HEARTS ME"t-shirt - New York
Eyeglasses:Matte raybans.
Blazer River Island.
Boots: Patent black Doc Martens
Ring: YSL Arty Dots
 Bag: Chanel Quilted Classic


  1. aaah!! your style is 2 die, luve.

  2. Dr. Strangelove reference = win.

  3. Dear Anon,

    The fact that you caught it makes us OH so VERY happy...
    because as we all know, gentlmen, there is to be no fighting in the war room.