Monday, December 6, 2010

Turbans & More

Hands down our favorite two hair accessory trends for this winter are turbans and bowler hats. This was a follower send in from a beautiful girl who lives in London. She works at a super casual office and finds that wrapping her mother's vintage green silk scarf around her head ala Lawrence seriously ups her coolness factor all the while banishing bad hair days to seasons far away which are devoid of hair accessories!

We absolutely looove this and are going to be raiding our mother's collection of Hermes scarves (you remember when they use to sell Hermes scarves on airplanes in the 90's? hehe thankfully fathers always leave gift buying to the last minute so we are sure your mother has a stack hidden somewhere also!)

  Belt: Versace 
Necklace bvulgari 
 Dress: Zara it was onsale! She cant believe no one bought it.
Tank top and Lace Top:  TOPSHOP <3 
 Sweats: Zara london
shoes: found  in a local store in london!
Black dress - Topshop London
 Studded Vest - Forever 21
necklace: Topshop 
 Belt: Escada vintage belongs to mama ,
Shoes - Loubutin
bag - Moschino

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  1. Hey! LOL I know this chick she doesn't live in London, I'm pretty sure she lives in KSA :S:S
    r u guys sure shes the same person in those pics ??